E3 2012: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance: E3 demo slices up rivals and cubes critics | CVG

CVG writes: With its ridiculous subtitle, madcap setting and fan-defying desertion of the series' stealthy roots, it's easy to groan about Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - but we *defy* anyone to care when you're slicing up a car finer than processed cat food in thrilling slow motion.

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tacosRcool2378d ago

No matter how hardcore they try to make Raiden, I can't get around that fact of him running around naked in Arsenal Gear and the fact he was a fruitcake then.

RyuX192378d ago

People get hung up over the dumbest things.

Yangus2378d ago

E3 one best game!
-Day one-

fei-hung2378d ago

I am looking forward to this. Looks like they will be playing about with the real life Kony story and Raiden will be a by product of this Kony figure.

MrGunny942378d ago

Ahaha indeed Tacos... I can't wait to know more about Jack's past... I mean i wanna know what the hell happened to him and Rose and him so that REVENGEANCE happens as well tbh

Bobby Kotex2378d ago

This is a must pass game!