[UPDATED] THQ sets its sights on Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim

An interview with Jason Rubin about the state of THQ. Updated to confirm Jason Rubin does not think of Saints Row: The Third as an embarrassment.

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BattleAxe2262d ago

THQ has toilet paper on the bottom of its shoe.

BlmThug2262d ago

SR3 was made to be like that. They went down that humorous route so they might as well stick by it and defend it

konnerbllb2262d ago

PR Rebound. He said he was embarrassed and he meant it. He should just stick to his guns instead of trying to please everyone.

Grap2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

if you are playing that game in front of ur son and ur wife. u r really have some issue. holding a dildo in shape of penis is something really wrong.

Angrymorgan2262d ago

What other shape would a dildo be????

Soldierone2262d ago

Okay so its "not his type of game" ....

Thats fine, but he does realize it was a high selling game right? Why would you want to change it? He is all anal about the stupid dildo.....okay what about the rest of the dang game? You won't play it just because it has a dildo? Come on now.

He makes no sense either. "it fits South Park but not Saints Row" WHY? Give Saints Row an identity that isn't GTA, and its fine. Thats how South Park became South Park, not by copying stereotypical Fox cartoons....even when Fox turned them down. You think the dildo went too far? Fine, take it out, but don't ruin the game because of it.

Skynetone2262d ago

just started playing Red Dead Redemption, omfg this game is beyond epic,

rezzah2262d ago

It is good, but i wouldn't consider it to be epic.

Lords of Shadows is a game I'd consider to be epic.

KMCROC542262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Why do i get the feeling that SR is about to become a GTA clone with this guy in charge, wasn't the whole point about SR was to be different & wild game.

WeskerChildReborned2262d ago

It could still be wild but i think purple dildos was just too wild.

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