How Ubisoft Won E3

John of - "Like many other hardcore gaming fans, I’ve been wrapped up in E3 this week. It’s been a thrill cheering on my favorites and scrutinizing any gaming prospects that caught my eye. After watching presentation after presentation, I couldn’t help but crown Ubisoft as victor, and not because of one standout reason."

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Patriots_Pride2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

You know E3 was sh!t when a 3rd party developer won it.

And yes UBI did win it because lets be honest here compared to that pile of poop that was shown from the big 3 which was Wonder Book Harry Potter money maker, Usher grappling his nuts and Nintendo trying to gimmick a tablet is not win worthy.

They only games that kept E3 alive for me was WATCHED DOGS AND TLOU.

supraking9512146d ago

Ubisoft had one game Watch Dogs and while Sony had The Last of Us and Beyond. It used to be new hardware would win E3 but now its new IPs. Im still iffy on Ubisoft since for me IMO they dont release good games, just mediocre at best. Was never a fan of Assassin's Creed after that boring AC1. Everything else that Ubisoft showed was shown on PS3 like AC3 and Farcry 3.
So Sony wins

Patriots_Pride2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Yeah Sony wins every year.

Nothing can beat the almighty Sony.

Edit: LOL BXbomber and supraking951 being the same person - forgot switch accounts : )

aPerson2145d ago

"Was never a fan of Assassin's Creed after that boring AC1"

Ah, the gamer mentality... "If the first game sucks, the rest must suck too!"

Just because the first game wasn't great, that doesn't mean its sequels aren't.

BXbomber2146d ago

i agree sony won E3 its funny how everyone says ubisoft won cuz of 1 game, i mean the game is all that from the looks of it but come on 1 game ?

supraking9512146d ago

Also why do I get the feeling Watch Dogs will be delayed and then finally be changed to next gen systems lol. The game looked pretty at E3 but I didnt see anything special gameplay wise

h311rais3r2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Uh not 1 game...

Watch dogs
Assassins creed 3
Splinter cell: blacklist
Far cry 3

All of which look stellar...

And watch dogs not looking impressive gameplay wise...same can be said about last of us. And since when in a game can u cause a car pile up at will through lights, save civilians from a car, and raise the bridge while driving to escape the hit. Last of us just had really impressive AI. Gameplay wise there wasn't anything new that hasn't been done before. It was just well put together. Also I don't understand why people are going crazy of people reacting to guns in TLOU cuz that's been in the Euphoria engine for years.