Expect SmartGlass support in every Microsoft Studios game going forward

Joystiq writes: Microsoft's SmartGlass initiative aims to enrich the entertainment offerings on Xbox with an informative, context-sensitive "surface," spread across compatible tablets and smartphones. Phil Spencer, Corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, tells me you can expect SmartGlass support from all of the company's games after the feature becomes available this fall.

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NYC_Gamer2231d ago

It's cool that MS will be really pushing the SmartGlass technology

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WagFanger2231d ago

SmartGlass will NOT be used for gaming. It's for Microsoft's progress towards the Xbox being a media hub rather than a games console

Wintersun6162231d ago

You didn't see the footage at E3, did you?

WagFanger2231d ago

Yeah, I did. I actually meant to put in 'mainly'. Some games will use, but for the most part I see it for use with Xbox as a media hub.

badkolo2231d ago

they never said you can stream games to it so this isnt llike the nintendo controller nor the vita, unless i missed something, and i didnt see them use it as a full controller during games unless i missed that too. so if thats the case this is useless.

2231d ago
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