Dragon's Dogma Is Not For Everyone | Review [NoobFeed]

Daav from concludes Dragon's Dogma with a review. This RPG has an extensive barrage of hindering foibles and strange design choices, but yet it also has a certain quality to it. It's stunted by its own design, yet can still hold itself afoot by a few engaging elements. It's not the best game, but at least it tried.

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shammgod2382d ago

Not a good review, but at least he tried

AmayaAi2382d ago

Are you kidding? Show me a good review then.

Daavpuke2382d ago

Angry Joe's review is badass, though he seems to bring up the same issues and give it a similar score, only slightly elevated WITH the remark of being lenient. So, just throwing that out there. Also, go check that review and you'll get a lengthy view of whether or not this is the game for you (or just get some giggles, win either way).

Myst2382d ago

Yeah just the wording of it though just made it seem so much more favorable. Lol I also already went and got the game based on the review rather enjoyable at least for me. Though like you put it certainly isn't for everyone.

Blastoise2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

@Myst Angry joe gave skyrim a 10. So that means sod all doesnt it?

Myst2381d ago

@Blastoise - Had to look up Sod all. Do you mean in relation to Skyrim or..what?

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D3mons0ul2382d ago

It's the closest thing we have to an actual current gen Berserk game.

dc12382d ago

Review fail.

After playing the main story (the most unique game play, tight and varied combat, wonderful environments and use of co-op every presented in RPG history.....right behind Demons/Dark souls) we are introduced to the chambers!

Great freaking game. Give me DD all day long!

Lucretia2382d ago

Sequel needed NOW!!!!!

tho i think im still in the begining of the game, just finished the Wyrm Lisence quest and have to talk to the duke for the first time and im level 40 lol.

sooo im guessing im still in the beginning

dc12381d ago

You're almost there! (Not to give anything away ....)

The game will keep on giving. Glad you are enjoying it!

BI0RAPTOR2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Your no where near the end,I would say your probably half way through.

Lucretia2381d ago

im near the end? AHHH i started skipping sidequest to progress in the story so i can get new weapons. guess i will go a lil further and do sidequest lol

MsButterbean2382d ago

This review is retarded, but not nearly as retarded as this one. This guy takes the cake.