The top 7 E3 2012 rumors that never came true

XMNR: Part of the fun of E3 is all the rumors and speculation leading up to the press conferences and show floor announcements from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony and other publishers. There were a few real rumor whoppers this past week for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS that never materialized though and we’ve rounded up the top seven.

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WagFanger2352d ago

Lots of games were missing from E3.

Especially in Microsoft's conference..

blitz06232352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Quite the contrary I would say. Microsoft actually showed more games than Sony/Nintendo. The problem is, they were the usual and only trailers were shown and less gameplay unlike Sony which focused on in depth demoing which is why they weren't able to show that many games.

Unless by games you mean surprises which was lacking on all 3 conferences. Hence Ubisoft's Watch Dogs was the best 'surprise' since it never leaked before E3. Had it leaked, E3 would have been a disaster if it wasn't already

Pozzle2352d ago

I know it was never going to happen...but when a couple of articles mentioned wanting to see a new Legacy of Kain game announced at E3, a small part of me wanted to believe it was true. :(

bligmerk2352d ago

At least someone is reviewing some of the ridiculous "rumors" and "predictions". If this E3 was low-key, then the height of the idiotic rumors that were going around before E3 was moron mountain.

The really stupid aspect about these "rumors" (they aren't even rumors anymore, just stupid make up shit) is that even after they are debunked, some idiot will compile the different rumors and make up a new rumor. The blame has to be put on the many websites that keep this crap up and then get approved for posting to N4G.

vickers5002352d ago

Skyward Sword/Twilight Princess/Wind Waker HD collection