First 10 Minutes of LolliPop Chainsaw with opening

Showing the first 10 minutes of Lollipop Chainsaw along with its opening.

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WagFanger2379d ago

Shit website, shitter streamer. Closed as soon as I realised you couldn't skip further than what was buffered. YouTube or GTFO

Hakoom2379d ago

thanks for the feedback
but if you just used your head a little bit.. you would realise that uploading videos before release dates on youtube will risk getting your channel shut down..
if you can find a better plugin to upload videos let me know

DeeZee2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Why not just wait until the game is out then? I mean, I got my review copy a couple of days ago, but I'll honor the embargo and not post any videos or anything. You think it'll risk your account, meaning in someway you think it's wrong to post it early. I don't know, just seems unprofessional to me.

So far it's a good game, and I'd urge everyone to just wait until it comes out. The opening is actually pretty cool.

P.S. Your account wouldn't get banned, there are already walkthroughs of the game on YouTube.

WagFanger2379d ago

Ah sorry. Reading that back it came out really harsh.

I personally don't think that streamer was very good. Maybe try Dailymotion?

On the website a lot of the article content spills onto the sidebars and the pop up ad annoyed me.

Hakoom2379d ago

because i want to upload it early...
and many people do it..
there is nothing wrong with it.. the companies just act like an ass when you show it too early...
i will do the same thing with other games as i did before

DeeZee2379d ago

Well, that's a great excuse -- because you want to. And everyone else does it, so why not? I'm not picking with you, man, but if everyone did everything they wanted to and just followed others the world would burn down overnight.

And you'd act the same if you worked hard to build up hype for something, and then a bunch of kids on the internet went and leaked gameplay videos (before the game came out).

Once again, I'm not picking on you...

Hakoom2379d ago

no worries man i didnt say u did ;p
iam just trying to say i like puting up first 10 or 20mins of videos so people can see the game..
everyone wants to post news before the other 1 ;p
this is not leaked
my friend got the game early... the game has gone gold and its being sold in my country..
so i shared my gameplay with my fellow gamers ;p

DeeZee2379d ago

@Agha fair enough, I totally forgot that you may be in a different country.

bunt-custardly2379d ago

1:47 - Did she just say what I think she said?