Play Vault Max Payne 3 Spoilercast

Play Vault Podcast:

"Welcome to The Play Vault's Max Payne 3 Spoiler Podcast with Jonmau5 and bcJonesy.

An hour long podcast talking about everything Max Payne 3. We cover the story, multiplayer and everything else. Spoilers ahead, laughs aplenty and hilarious out-takes are included as an added extra.


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AmayaAi2383d ago

You didn't leave a thing about the game. It's dat long but excellent cast :)

Jonmau52382d ago

Thank you, we always try to cover the entire game when we do our spoiler podcasts.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

AmayaAi2382d ago

Keep me posted next time you cast :)

jsslifelike2382d ago

How did I miss this? Downloading now!