Burning-in PC Hardware to Root Out Flaws

GamersNexus: "This guide will tell you how to go through some serious synthetic testing procedures to benchmark refurbished products and check for flaws. Everything herein can be performed by most novice users (it's mostly installing benchmarkers, changing some settings, and hitting 'go'), but feel free to ask us specific questions in the comments below or in our forums."

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SKUD2350d ago

Not a big fan of refurbished parts either. Its rare that you ACTUALLY get a working part. Also the return policy period is shorter then if purchased new. Not really worth the risk IMO. Always buy new. Unless you know exactly who your buying it from and the history of use. Like a carfax report.

JOHN_DOH2350d ago

I've had good luck buying open box motherboards from newegg. Of course I'd rather buy new but the ROG motherboards are expensive and I don't really care for the xtra stuff.

ninjahunter2350d ago

I reccomend people stay away from furmark, it is only designed to bake your GPU run hot and has no correlation to actual gaming temperatures or performance and is well known for its capabilities to kill graphics cards.

JOHN_DOH2350d ago

I just play games to test for stability. Most games will put a heavy load on your computer.