A ‘Payneless’ Expereince. Max Payne 3 {Play Vault} Review

Play Vault's Editor:

"What is an understatement?

The presentation of something as being smaller or less good or important than it actually is: E.G: Rockstar is one of the best video game developers out there.

This game plays out with all of the explosions, action and gun fights of a Die Hard movie that had a love child with Pulp Fiction. The gameplay follows a similar style too with an array of different, yet always stunningly crafted slow motion pieces, pre-set dives that are triggered automatically at specific sections of the game, that allow you to kill off the bad guys with an ease of precision and a feeling of pure satisfaction as you clear an entire rooftop or room full of enemies in one foul swoop."

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RugbyGod2351d ago

Learn how to spell "Experience"....your credibility is shot.

MiamiACR212351d ago

RugbyGod is being honest, if you want to be taken seriously as any form of writer, be sure to spell-check everything you write; or else run the risk of losing credibility.

Tonester9252351d ago

I'm getting this soon. Online looks like a blast!

haha A blast

FPSRUSSIA2351d ago

i have the game and the online is a blast you should get it.

Basjohn2351d ago

I'm surprised there isn't more backlash about the DRM in reviews. It's very obtrusive, forces updates, checks in the background and still uses the horrid social club that made me actually REGRET buying GTAIV on pc.

wallis2351d ago

Unsurprisingly the media fails at actually representing the interests of gamers. I'm not touching the damn thing - 29gb is a fucking stupid size and the DRM is as easily overcome as a melon size suppository.

At the end of the day you can take the best ingredients and put it all into a cake but if somebody spunks on the icing it's not edible, no matter how great the jam lining is.