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E3 2012: Guardians of Middle-Earth “Controls Worked Out Better Than We Thought” | RipTen

Michael Futter writes: WB staff must have landed in LA with a giant grin on their faces. Lollipop Chainsaw rolls out next week, LEGO Lord of the Rings is on track for this fall, Injustice: Gods Among Us took the gaming world by surprise and after announcing Guardians of Middle-Earth only a week ago, a fully playable build was available on the E3 show floor.

Moreover, it was set up competitive gaming style with the teams of five facing each other, color commentary and a giant display for passersby to check out the action. The game fulfills its promise of a traditional MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) experience on consoles, and does so with an intuitive control scheme and intensely competitive play. (Guardians of Middle-earth, PS3, Xbox 360)

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