E3 2012: Watch Dogs Peers Out From the Shadows and Into Our Darkest Secrets | RipTen

Take note, publishers. There is value in surprising the media at E3. Out of nowhere, during Ubisoft’s press conference, came Watch Dogs. The premise is timely in an age where our digital shadow, the imprint we leave on the internet, is growing by leaps and bounds. Taking that concept even further, this new intellectual property takes place in a Chicago managed by the ctOS, the Central Operating System.

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Patriots_Pride2378d ago

If it was not for this game and TLOU I would have looked for another hobby.

Was really looking forward for a next gen console announcement but now it seems like I am stuck with this dinosaur age tech that is the 360 and PS3 for another 2 years.

We can still hold on to the Valve console rumor : )

tee_bag2422378d ago

Haha, I wish that Valve console rumor were true.
Have a little peek at the Alienware x51..kind of interesting

Patriots_Pride2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Nice a quad-core Intel Core i5-2320 processor, 8GB of DDR3 memory, a 1TB 7,200rpm hard drive, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi card, and a slot-loading DVD burner. .

Not bad and almost the seem size as the first Xbox 360 but they are charging a steep premium for the form factor. And that 330-watt external power supply and H61 motherboard ensure that you have pretty much no upgrade path. Which you'll need sooner or later, considering the 1GB of VRAM available. Also, games don't use Hyperthreading, and some even perform worse with it enabled. So that's wasted money that could have been put elsewhere, like back in the customer's pocket.

One can also get a Dell laptop that has roughly the same performance for this price, so the space advantage of the X51 is a bit undermined (never mind a mobility comparison). And that laptop will come with a 40 cm+ 1080p display. Ergo, I'm not sure what this thing's market is. It doesn't look much more upgradeable than a gaming laptop, and you still need to buy a monitor.

Edit: I use to be a PC gamer but for some unfortunate turn of events I switched to console gaming and have not looked backed but since no next gen consoles were announced I might have to go back to PC.

tee_bag2422378d ago

Yeh it is steep for what it is. But I did like that it allows for desktop GPU upgrades . But like you mentioned its really just an overpriced box but I suspect the Valve console may not have been much different unless they offered some nice streamline plug and play setups through their distro service.
I ended up ordering a m18x since the consoles are taking their sweet a$s time.

claud32378d ago

Its still a next gen game after all. And i am happy to wait until then

Honest_gamer2378d ago

I just hope this game looks as good as it did on the game play (it's a well known fact games often look better at e3 with fake game play like just a pre rendered scene, touched up in after effects or something and a guy just stands there moving the controller the way the animation moves)