E3 Makes Me Really Appreciate the PAX Ban on Booth Babes

Kotaku writes: The Penny Arcade gang aren't exactly known for their tactful and effective approach to gender relations. But PAX, on both coasts, does do one thing right: they forbid exhibitors from hiring scantily clad models who don't know anything about the products just to attract visitors. In other words: no booth babes.

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WagFanger2294d ago

Let them do whatever the F*CK they wanna do. If I get to look at hot women and games at the same time, then that sounds like a damn good show to me. Plus, I'm not stupid enough to be convinced to buy a game over the booth babes, if that was your shallow argument.

And bitch please: writing this sort of article on Kotaku? Type 'NSFW' in your search box and look at all the articles the site you write for puts out.

TL;DR OP is a woman