Ravaged Gameplay Footage from E3

This is alpha footage of 2Dawn's upcoming title Ravaged recorded during E3 by Phyrefli. There is a short intro at the start by Phyrefli with information about the game, then approximately 4 minutes of footage. The video shows off 2 maps, as well as vehicular warfare, and how effective a Grunt can be.

The game is still in closed alpha, so needless to say everything can still change, however the game is a lot of fun to play even in its unfinished state. The alpha is also very stable.

Info on the game itself is here:

Developer: 2Dawn
Release: Summer 2012

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Emilio_Estevez2378d ago

Looks cool and reminds me a lot of Rage

GezForce2377d ago

very similar to starkhawk... but not as impressive.

seanpitt232377d ago

Good game if we was in 2008.

ginsunuva2377d ago

It's a small indie game. Let me see you and a couple buddies make something better.