New Franchises Prove Sony's Commitment to the 'Core'

Push Square: "It’s been a strange E3. Word is that the industry is treading water until 2013, when Sony and Microsoft will almost certainly join Nintendo in unveiling their latest boxes. That anticipation for next year’s show has arguably sucked some of the enthusiasm out of this one, with publishers opting to promote in-between titles that are clearly designed to fill the shelves until it becomes viable to do something different again. But Sony’s decision to focus on brand new intellectual properties enforces its E3 messaging: that PlayStation is all about the gamers."

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dangert122299d ago

New franchise shit, sony has released the most new core ips since erm ever? much respect on that note sony

Double_Oh_Snap2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I love how Sony has stayed tried and true since launch.
Taking risks, funding AAA games, and investing in the future for the gamer.

Buying up Sucker Punch, Media Molecule, and If Quantic Dream wanted to I'm sure they would get them as well.

Sony released games that created genres this gen, and I can't wait to see what they do next.

b163o12299d ago

After Beyond drops, Sony will buy QD and they'll be welcome with open arms.

KingofGambling2298d ago

Sony first party studios are getting stronger great news for ps3 gamers.

Gamer19822299d ago

The titles off though the core? Isnt casual gamers now the core gamers? As they seem to play more games than the old mainstream gamers. We really need a new word for us none casual as core and hardcore means you play for a long time and casual gamers seem to play games like farmville 24/7 these days that could be counted as hardcore right? lol

Chevalier2299d ago

I'm not sure about that overall, hardcore gamers spend money regularly and play on average more hours then most casual players I think. Just what I think though. Maybe it's because I work in a game store, but, the hardcore ones are the people who come into my store excited and we discuss games. The casuals are the ones who just come in and ask for suggestions and don't know what their kids want to or should play.

StrongMan2299d ago

Sony is the ONLY one of the big three that's pushing NEW IPs. Nintendo found a new market this gen with the Wii but at the expense of their hardcore audience and now they want the hardcore back with the WiiU but it's too late. The hardcore has already moved on and won't go back. MS seems to be making the same mistake. All of their Kinect casual focus and total disregard of hardcore focus has their hardcore fans concerned. MS closed down hardcore studios like Ensemble and open up four new studios for Kinect games. MS's hardcore audience have been BEGGING for Killer Instinct 3 from Rare but MS won't let them make it only force them to make kinect shovelware instead. Those casuals won't flop down $400 for the next Xbox. The core knows that MS will give them the usual Halo, Gears, and Forza next gen and everything else will be Kinect shovelware crap. The casuals will buy kinect but they won't buy games. Just look at the poor sales of kinect games. If you wan't core games we all know Sony is the only way to go now and next gen.

Flipgeneral2299d ago


I remember Nintendo's declaration of attempting to recapture the core audience. That statement excited me! I wanted to like Nintendo again!

Instead, I felt totally alienated by Nintendo's conference. The "core" was obviously not in mind.which is fine, but I won't be throwing them my money. And I'm sure many here feel the same as i

BattleAxe2299d ago

They must have been refering to their core Mario have to read between the lines :)

RPG_Lord2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

every comment here is a generalization like the article so i shouldn't be too suprise, I can forgivie it since its a sony site anyway

get2sammyb2299d ago

I'd be eager to get your feedback on why you feel that way. What did I "generalise"?

blitz06232299d ago

The site is called N4G - news for GAMERS. As far as I know Sony is the only company that caters to gamers.

Honest_gamer2299d ago

u should have joined the site in the old days when it 1st came out everything was pro xbox never any sony news, now its more even with both playstation and xbox news, the site isnt in favour of one or the other the comunity is and why is it in favour of the ps3? because it has overall better games and more diversity

Octo12299d ago

You have to have it to Sony. They are willing to make risks when it comes to new IP whether its something that of a gamble or a sure hit. Demons Soul is a perfect example. The only reason it was not published by Sony outside of Japan is due to they did not know how well the game would do.

MySwordIsHeavenly2299d ago

@IHateYouFanboys - I hate you fanboys.

GamingPerson2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Why does everyone keep talking about wonder book?
The amount of casual games sony showed at E3 can be counted on 1 finger(which is wonder book) while MS shows 7 + casual games.

My purchase for next gen is pre-destined. ps4...

KingofGambling2298d ago

great choice on your pre-destined next gen console.

Uncharted2Vet2299d ago

LOL, i can just see the sensitivity from your comment.

Honest_gamer2299d ago

yeh so is that nike thing, all the sports kinect games and dance kinect games, glad we sorted that out now

morganfell2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

So you are saying they can't have any IPs that are not core? They can't have any IPs that promote learning or education? My guess is you are the jealous one that ran down the comments and put a disagree by everyone that rightfully stated Sony is the one company of the big three that didn't abandon the core gamer audience.

And if that is the best you can come up with then you have struck out before even stepping up to the plate. If you only knew how people are looking at you for your ridiculous remark you would not revisit this site for a week.

Even if a person finds themselves allied to a certain manufacturer or even no manufacturer, for whatever reason, they should also have the personal honesty to acknowledge when a company does something right. You apparently cannot. For someone that chose that moniker, your actions reveal you to be far more narrow in your view than most fanboys you claim to hate.

Honest_gamer2299d ago

dont be to harsh on him, he thinks core games are cod, halo and gears, basicly anything thats an fps, he has never had the diversity of games the play station has. im not saying wonderbook is a core game as it is not but it's a good game for young kids like my little brother to play

slaton242299d ago

to a young kid, yeah it is hard go back to your crapbox 3shity...we dont need you here

get2sammyb2299d ago

I don't understand how having one title that's targeted a different market detracts from the content that is? Would you prefer Sony's line-up if it was identical minus Wonderbook?

What's the harm in having supplementary experiences? As long as the core stuff is there (which it almost certainly is), I'm not sure what the problem is.

dcbronco2298d ago

A much as the Sony fans complain about casual games you would think they would be against WonderBook.

Hicken2298d ago


"Sony fans complain" about other gaming companies focusing more on the casual than the core. If those other companies were showing they had more than a passing interest in core gamers, those "Sony fans" would have nothing to "complain" about.

WonderBook does nothing for me. But Sony's not tossing all their money into a bunch of casual Move stuff and giving me nothing core to play. That's why I can be okay with it. Cuz I've still got new core stuff to look forward to, and it's not all sequels.

Outside_ofthe_Box2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

You are that bitter of a 360 fan that you are going to ride this Wonderbook thing until you die right?

I guess for years hardcore 360 fans like yourself have been waiting for an opportunity to get at Sony for being too casual since Microsoft has been accused of focusing too much on casuals for quite some time now and I guess Sony spending a little too much time on Wonderbook at this years E3 is your opportunity.


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