Debut trailer of STALKER-inspired RPG Shooter New Union

Enizr: "The first trailer for New Union - a STALKER meets Fallout RPG/third-person shooter - has been released, and we got dibs. Being developed by Best Way on its GEM Engine, the clip gives us our first look at life in post-apocalyptic Russia, and shows how residents now dwell in underground structures, as mutants and anomalies roam the ground above."

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DaThreats2380d ago

That didnt give much

r212380d ago

isnt the setting similar to Metro 2033?

beerkeg2380d ago

Metro 2033 took its cue from Stalker, which shouldn't come as a surprise as 4A games was set up by people who worked on Stalker.

r212380d ago

woah, i didnt know. gracias for the info man :D

beerkeg2380d ago

No prob. It's one of the reasons I love Metro 2033, it shares some of the survival horror aspects of Stalker.

Just been reading up a bit more on this and it's looking very much like Stalker, which means it's on my watch list of upcoming games.

GamingPerson2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Is this an mmo?