Dark, gritty 'Resident Evil 6' still needs polish | MSNBC

MSNBC writes: "Resident Evil" is back. The sixth game in the series is dark and gritty but it still needs some work. I got my hands on it at E3.

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KyRo2260d ago

The animations were the biggest let down for me, they seemed really poor compared to how they were in RE5.

h311rais3r2260d ago

The RE series really needs ragdoll physics if they're are going action....animations get so repetitive without the ragdoll...

Adexus2260d ago

I agree, that's actually the main thing that stood out to me, they just look unfinished and what the hell is with the run all of the characters have? It looks so bad that it's comical, all that aside I am still looking forward to the game, hopefully they can polish it up a lot more before release.

Pozzle2260d ago

I'm guessing/hoping that's something that will be fixed during development.