Top 10 Gaming Keyboards of 2012

Gamerzpedia: Take a look at some of the best gaming keyboards of 2012.

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TheMrFraz2086d ago

And guess who just thinking yesterday, "Gee, I could really use a gaming keyboard...I wonder which one I should buy?"

You are the reality of my thoughts.

justpassinggas2086d ago

Don't get any of the Razer ones (their products tend to fail) and Logitech keyboards tend to be crappy base keyboards with an LCD screen tacked on.

Go for a mechanical keyboard. They're more expensive, but they last longer and they feel better as well.

FlashXIII2086d ago

Agree about Razer, my computer got the BSOD (blue screen of death) I turned it off at the mains and now my Naga doesn't work.. not even had it four months. I'd also say they use cheap parts for their products too.. never bought a Razer product where it felt like I was holding/using a premium product.

TheMrFraz2086d ago

Thanks for the heads-up! I'll be sure to scour the Internetz for user reviews before throwing down the gauntlet.

allyc4t2086d ago

This list is lacking a ton of good keyboards.

MiamiACR212086d ago

I'm still rockin' the G15, 5 years strong.

Bolts2086d ago

There is one very over looked keyboard that is not on that list. The Roccat Isku. The keys feels awesome, and the thumb hotkeys are a game changer. The "shift" that replaces your Capslock feels like an odd design choice at first but once you learn how to use it the possibilities are endless.

Its a great for MMO and everything else. Seriously once you get used to using the thumb hotkey you wont' be able to use any other gaming keyboard without it.

sovietsoldier2086d ago

love my razer, wouldnt trade it.