Does Anyone Miss The E3 Booth Babes?

The E3 booth babes just aren't that popular anymore. Has anyone noticed that? Where are the multiple headlines and hordes of pics?

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Kamikaze1352351d ago

No. I thought it was kind of stupid to have them in to begin with.

NYC_Gamer2351d ago

No....I miss E3 being exciting with gaming announcements.

zslash2351d ago

Has this guy been living under a rock? Maybe not as much as 05 or 06 but there were way more booth babes at E3 this year compared to the last few. I wasn't even on the show floor much due to meetings and I saw SO many booth babes.

Also, the booth babes are annoying if you're trying to cover the show. People flock around them to take pictures and it clogs up the walkways.

fathoms2351d ago

The article isn't about the absence of booth babes at the show. It's about the lesser coverage in gaming headlines and media.

...I'll be shocked to death the day a N4G member actually reads anything beyond a headline.