An Iconic Rivalry: Scorpion and Sub-Zero

BT writes: Many people love fighting games. The popular genre is usually known for its complex gameplay, amazing set pieces, and off the wall characters that congregate in each iteration to duke it out for one reason or another. Some have less than noble intentions, like buying a boat or looking for fight money, others, however, look to better themselves or defeat a great evil before it is too late.

But one thing that is usually not talked about is the characterization of these heroes. Despite some efforts in recent years to create a storyline based on the myriad of characters found in a fighting game, typically deep, complex characters are hard to come by in the fighting realm. Although there are exceptions, and Scorpion and Sub-Zero are among them.

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rezzah2262d ago

Ever since our first MK game (4) my brother always loved Scorpion while I picked Sub-Zero. It wasn't based on the character's rivalry too, I doubt we even knew about it right away. We simply chose the characters that we thought stood out the most or represented our fighting style (of those available).

Every MK after that we would always fight with Scorpion vs Sub-Zero. What I noticed also pissed me off a little, because Scorpion is mainly the face of MK he always seemed to have the edge over Sub-zero. That's because they made Sub-Zero into a defensive style playable character, which sucked for me as my brother had the speed and quick attacks. Well also because he's naturally better than me in fighting games (except in Tekken).

This article is a great read. After giving it some thought I believe their style of fighting makes more sense if you see it as a representation of their personalities.