4Player E3 2012: ‘Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’, Cutting Has Never Been So Fun

4Player-"We still haven’t seen much of Revengeance, but so far it’s founded on some very strong ground to be a fantastic game when it is released. If it can uphold our expectations in other areas, expect it to be a truly fantastic, fun, and even slightly homicidal experience."

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Lucretia2147d ago

game looks amazing.

only the complete and utter moronic idiots think it doesn't look like a fun idiot because its a spin off and doesnt star snake.

AgreeFairy2147d ago

I'd rather save my money for DMC as it will be a better hack & slash anyway. As for Metal Gear, I'll wait until they make a real game like MGS5.

WeskerChildReborned2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Seriously? DMC? I for one am looking forward to MGR because it look's fun and i'm not looking at it as a MGS game but a spin off because it actually is one. DMC look's good(visually) but it doesn't seem as fast paced as the other DMC games i've loved also why change the character look?

AgreeFairy2147d ago

It is as fast paced as the others. Not in fps but the combat is just as fluid. They changed the character look because it's a origin story so it's a younger Dante. They said all of this in the interviews for Gametrailers.

WeskerChildReborned2147d ago

@Agreefairy, Actually, it doesn't look as fast paced as the other games if you actually compare them.

D3mons0ul2147d ago

Blatant troll

Why don't you share your REAL opinions? I find it hard to believe that YOU believe some of the garbage you spew.

You're not getting any flames from me; I know what you're up to and as they say in the movies...the jig is up.

fei-hung2147d ago

Sorry, but I am not sure what interviews you have been following, but if you reaad everything they have said, they have chaged Dante because:

1) They have changed the DMC Universe and most of its history
2) Sparda never married a human in the new DMC, he had sex with an angel.
3) Dante therefore is half demon half angel.
4) The difference between 30fps and 60fps means the quality gamplay which requires 60fps for timed combos and moves, you cannot do anymore.
5) There is no lock on button anymore as the left and right triggers are for going into devil trigger and angel trigger.
6) NT have a history of making button mashing hack and slash which were average to good, but never great. Heavenly Sword has huge problems with difficulty spiking to stupid levels, especially the last boss and Enslaved had very avergae platforming and hack and slash elements.

MGR on the other hand is made by people who have proven they can make hack and slash games. The very reason you know a character called Dante and the very existance of Devil May Cry being here today is because one of the founders of Platinum Games. Anyone who is a fan of hack and slash games would acknowledge this as and therfore know, the chances of DMC falling short on being a great hack and slash game is higher than MGR.

Also, for those who have a good eye, NT looks even more rediculous now as they had to drop the framerate to accomodate the changing, living breathing world. Not only does MGR shows it has set pieces like DMC and Bayonetta, it also shows it can do all that in 60fps.

NT are overrated and Crapcom seem to be cutting corners to make a quick buck which all points to failure.

Rant over for now :s