Assassin's Creed 10? 'I hope so,' says Ubisoft's Detoc

"The core market isn't shrinking, says Ubisoft North America executive director Laurent Detoc -- it's just there's only room for high-end games. And if you own one of those brands, as Ubi does with Assassin's Creed, there's no such thing as too many sequels.", writes Gamasutra.

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Snookies122351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Yeah there most certainly is... If the story has reached a good stopping point, it should stay there. No need to tirelessly drag it through the mud.

If you must continue to make the games, at least start a new story with new characters

Pandemic2351d ago

I actually wouldn't mind seeing an Assassins Creed set in modern day, that'd be pretty sweet.

rezzah2350d ago

That is what all these historical AC games should lead up too.

By the end of AC2 I was expecting the next to be modern, but I was deeply mistaken. I now understand now that the history and amount of stories to be told is vast.

The Modern day AC should be the finale.

Ducky2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Gameplay would be drastically different in a modern world. Can't exactly hop around on rooftops and melee people. Outside of the story, I don't see a game set in modern-day fitting in with the rest of the franchise.

If anything, it would be something like what WatchDogs is trying to be.

h311rais3r2350d ago

Splinter cell is basically modern day AC

Simon_Brezhnev2350d ago

Naw i dont want a modern AC. All you would use is guns and if i want that i would just play Splinter Cell or some other stealth game.

aCasualGamer2350d ago

As long as the quality doesn't suffer, I wouldn't mind an Assassins's Creed 20.

thewolf52350d ago

The modern day AC doesn't necessarily have to be all guns. I could see them doing something similar to Mirror's edge, which got away without having the main character tirelessly use guns.

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joab7772350d ago

I agree. I'm very happy at AC3 right now. They look to have done a great job evolving it at just the right time.

Now comes the problem. Expect next year to be a rehash of AC3. This may b OK if its really good. But then, another rehash while they work on 4?

Well, I guess its still better than a lot of games. And now that I think of it, they will only b allowed 1 rehash before next Gen. I guess I can't get too mad. Ubiaoft is making money and working on games like watch dogs.

vickers5002350d ago

Just buy the rehashes when it drops price to $20/$30 dollars. It doesn't seem to take all that long for them to get to that point.

WeskerChildReborned2350d ago

It would be good to have fresh characters if they are gonna keep going on each year.

mt2350d ago

for me I don't really like Assassin's creed story at all. I don't care about the story it is becoming like Super mario.

calibann2350d ago

Can we milk it to 10? 'I hope so,' says Ubisoft's Detoc

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NYC_Gamer2351d ago

Wow,just milk that cow for all it's worth.

GamingPerson2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

What is wrong with milking if it's a good cow? I think Assassins Creed gets better and better not worse like cod. If Ubi keeps raising the bar then I say milk away!
Besides there is no Assassins Creed clones so without this franchise this type of game is basically dead and I don't want it to die.

I can look at AC3 and not think "oh they just want to just make a quick buck" They are taking chances putting it in a an unfamiliar environment with dear hunting, Hanging people from trees etc & game is looking nice!

If anything is milked it's FF13 part2. 13!! part 2!!

homer2350d ago

I don't think you realize how the Final Fantasy games work, but ok...FFXIII still sucked though.

Grap2350d ago

i don't mind milking this cow. if it was good.

The_Blue2350d ago

And your going to play it, enjoy.

rezzah2350d ago

Each number has its stories and characters.

1, 2 and 3 are all focused on different characters (in the past).

The reason why we never got a AC3 sooner was because the story of Ezio was never finished.

And if you are up to date with the list of assassins around the world within its history, then the there can be many more stories to come.

PockyKing2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

I don't mind having the characters stories broken up into separate games. I actually like it. I mean, yea, Ubisoft is milking Assassin's Creed. We all know it, but the fact that each game has gotten better than the last and introduced new things, maybe not the best things (looking at you tower defense) it's still a game that I look forward to playing every year.

And like the people said above, the story won't end until we reach Desmond and his time, because the Dr guy is a templar. So I think it's safe to assume that were going to see a lot more major events. Hopefully the civil war is one of them. That'd be pretty cool.

Magnus2351d ago

Where can the game go the past is great civil war America sounds like a great story. And I think a 21 century would be great. But futuristic story of AC I won't play if it has robots and laser guns.

EcoSos32351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

There is already 8 games, 2 for ds, 1 for psp and 5 for ps3 and xbox.

insanityisgaming2350d ago

there's also one for the vita

DFogz2350d ago

AC10 coming next year! You heard it here first folks!

_Aarix_2350d ago

and 2 or 3 for ios and android :D

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