E3 2012 had 45,700 attendees, will announce dates and venue for 2013 soon

Joystiqshares some statistics about E3 this year.

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capjacksparrow2228d ago

I would be there in a heartbeat.

killerhog2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I believe E3 is press only, right? Or is the first week press only?

Anyways is the number of attendees down from the previous years? I could of sworn last year was like 60,000?

capjacksparrow2227d ago

@killerhog I have a lt of friends in the press and a few couches to crash on in New York. Getting in for free wouldn't be a problem. My trouble is the expense of flying to Cali and having to pay for a room for 3-4 days.

SaffronCurse2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Montreal <3

Best devs are from Canada.

GamingPerson2228d ago

best devs are from Sweden..