Gamesbeat Preview: The Last of Us is even smarter than you think

You don't survive the apocalypse by being stupid. So for The Last of Us, developer Naughty Dog populated their world with people who react to what they see and hear like real people might. That builds a realism and immediacy no other game to date can match.

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smashcrashbash2377d ago

I love this. The guy held Joel in a choke hold so his friends could shoot him. His friends made sure and aimed for Joel and not their partner. Ellie didn't jump in because she knew she would get shot. The enemy loses the Molotov and attacks Joel in a panic and gets two bullets in his chest.The guy ran for it when he realized Joel had a revolver and shouted warning to his friends. And none of this was scripted. It didn't even have to go like this at all.Good God if the humans are like this the infected humans must be ten times worse.

Reverent2377d ago

I know right? God, I cannot wait to see some gameplay showing the Infected in action!

kevnb2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

weve seen ai like this in linear games before. Its just something that gets overlooked quite often in development lately.

Virtual_Reality2377d ago

Impressive AI. That kind of AI should be standard for shooters or action games.

DlocDaBudSmoka2377d ago

the more i read,on it,the more i want this game!!

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