Usher can't wait for games to be holograms

Are holograms the future of gaming? Usher thinks so.

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user60150952148d ago

I thik the RROD has a holographic effectwhen its flashes. I cant say for sure though I only seen it once.

omi25p2148d ago

The fact your a fanboy is pretty holographic

h311rais3r2148d ago

Your an idiot. The ps3 has just as many issues. My ps3 YLOD this year.


The guy is a troll indeed, but "just as many issues"? Maybe now that the 360 is a lot more stable, but look back at 2006~2009.

2pacalypsenow2148d ago

What gen is your ps3 if its 1st Gen then i took almost 6 years vs a few hours on first gen xbox 360's. The problem xbox 360 had dont even compare to ps3's problem

GraveLord2148d ago

Wow you created your account today?
Just to troll I'm guessing.....

Well you're gonna lose those bubbles any second now at the rate you're trolling.

Drake1172148d ago

PS3 troll account created today and already has 5 bubbles...gotta love N4G.

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doctorstrange2148d ago

Then he can get a hologram of himself to dance at conferences, so he doesn't have to embarrass himself again.

XTgamer2148d ago

Just because it's Usher it already got 5 approvals...

Cosmit2148d ago

Maybe they're more gamer girls in here than we think o_O.

TheGuyWho2148d ago

lol holograms, what a nieve thing to think, thats what people say when they dont know much about technology, Holograms.

ChronoJoe2148d ago

Pretty much comes when you're knowledge of potential emerging technologies is taken exclusively from Star Wars.

DarkBlood2148d ago

well what about star trex? they had holograms there or was that influenced?

Hicken2148d ago

Don't holograms already exist? It may not be feasible for gaming any time soon, but the Tupac that showed up at Coachella earlier this year certainly did look real.

2148d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.