5 Reasons the Wii U is Doomed and 5 More Reasons is May Not Be

Nintendo's showing at E3 wasn't exactly great. Is the Wii U doomed? So, here are five reasons why the Wii U is DOOMED, and another five that it may not be...

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h311rais3r2297d ago

Well the e3 presentation didn't exactly showcase any potential for the system. I wanted one until I saw their e3 presentation.

Honest_gamer2297d ago

the way the gamepad interacted with batman or the way the zombieU game used it shows there is potential, hell that zombieU game looks like the BEST zombie game in a LONG time

bothebo2297d ago

I thought the controller looked really onerous actually. It just seemed like this giant square I had to hold up the entire time.

Rainstorm812297d ago

I thought the same way , after seeing their E3 conference i dont see any reason to get a Wii-U day 1 ...

Honest_gamer2297d ago

Yeh not day one, learnt my lesson with the 360 and ps3, i'll wait a year atleast so theres a good catalogue of games with diversity (i.e i HATE shooters, but love rpg's, visual novels, rts, action/adventure and strategy games, and these are rarely released at launch well other than action/adventure) + after a year most devs will have made up there mind if they will support the system, example wii had allot of 3rd party support in the 1st few months, nothing sold and most 3rd parties decided to ditch it

AO1JMM2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

You lost me at "The GamePad Ain’t The Wiimote"

"Pikmin 3 looks pretty good, but this was an E3 where we saw The Last of Us. So yeah, not that good."

^^^ Why would you expect Pikmin/Mario/Wario type games to be in the same category as The Last of Us?

Nintendo is more than ready for "HD" if you didn't watch that Zelda demo then I suggest you do so now.

Honest_gamer2297d ago

is it wrong for me to like pikmin 3 just as much as last of us? last of us looks AMAZING, gameplay looks flawless, looks like it will be a pretty suspenseful game with a few jumpy bits at it (i mean jumpy as it something suddenly appears on the screen with a loud noise making you jump but it isnt scary lol), however pikmin 3 looks fun, really really fun it reminds me of little kings story (on the wii) were u can throw people at walls etc to knock them down, never played pikmin before but if i see it i might pick it up

also yeh why would u compaire a game like pikmin 3, which looks like it doesn't take itself seriously, and is mostly a game for fun play for an hour or two a time to last of us a serious game where u play for 5+ hours a time :S

Honest_gamer2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

I'll be getting a wiiU, maybe not at launch maybe not for a couple of years, but I will be getting one it looks so different than what I'm used to, however i think they missed a HUGE opertunity, they could have made the controler a portable device as well, that would make it a day one buy, play some mass effect 3 at home, then on the train to uni i can play it, during a boring lecture or lunch breaks i can play it etc, come home then reconnect it to my TV and play it on the big screen, however i really do think nintendo will release this
i think they will release it in a few years to milk more money from me, i will only be getting it if theres a dedicated 3RD party support such as ps3 and xbox, i hate mario and zelda, i want to play me some dead space, uncharted, dawn of war type games

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