Nintendo’s E3 2012 Press Conference Report Card

Gamers Xtreme: "With the E3 madness dying down, we’ve finally pieced together our thoughts on the big three conferences, finishing up with Nintendo’s."

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darthv722327d ago

to the wii-u. A shame they didnt make it upscale wii games but then again I like the idea of playing the game on the tablet if my kids wanted to watch the tv or vice versa.

What really surprised me was games like assassin creed, mass effect and ninja gaiden coming to the nintendo platform. Yeah they are out on other systems but this is a first for some and a really long time since there was a ninja gaiden game (nes if i recall).

Nintendo seems to really be trying to get that core gaming element back. Having a platform that is at the very least on par with the 360/ps3 is a good start. 3rd party games would likely be ports but it is better than little to no support from the bigger 3rd parties like the wii has now.

Maybe now with wii-u there will be cross platform titles with the 3ds??? Just a thought.

Shnazzyone2327d ago

better be special on wii too. Team ninja owes nintendo for the last metroid.

-Assassin-2327d ago

Cross platform for wiiu would be great. It would be a big step in the right direction for nintendo especially since that is what sony is doing.

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live2play2327d ago

i only have a 3ds and wii and plan on getting the wiiu day 1

but that conference was very poor

i wasnt expecting price, launch, specs, zelda, 3D mario, starfox, fzero (those big games take years to make)

nintendo failed to hype up the launch games and the console

live2play2327d ago

since people are sheep and follow the herd
the conference was bad so naturally (to them) all games and the console is bad

they cant look for themselves at the hands on experiences they had or the previews on how good the games are

even freaking nintendoland has gotten good previews