Microsoft’s E3 2012 Press Conference Report Card

Gamers Xtreme: "With the E3 madness dying down, we’ve finally pieced together our thoughts on the big three conferences, starting with Microsoft’s."

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EVILDEAD3602355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

I definately agree with the B to B+ ratings as that's exactly what I felt the MS conference deserved.

IMO they had the best overall conference when it came to presentation and impact of the content shown.

You can't please everyone and one of the guys on the site is saying that he felt smart glass was 'fluff'. Maybe to him, but IMO that was a huge announcement. The tech is real and even though he may not use it I know I will.

I thought the youtube app was a HUGE step up from what we used to have on consoles at the time. But, even these guys missed that Internet explorer is coming to the 360 and instead of the annoyance of controlling it with my controller, I can use my Iphone or even a tab.

I love how alot of the gaming culture had no idea that the Usher performance made complete sense. He's a star who did motion capture for the game and does two songs. One of which he performed. Because MS went first I laughed when people went ballistic.

That was until Nintendo had the 'Sing performance and Ubisoft who people claim had the best show led off with the Just Dance performance and made Usher look like a god.

It was completely unnecessary to show off Gears this year as it will be at next years E3.

Black Ops 2 is stil the most anticipated game overall for ALL consoles and regardless of how the outcry that its the same game every year, when it drops the majority of the hardcore gaming community will be playing it.

I'd rather have the BIGGEST game on the planet than any other multiplat out there.

Just my take. Solid show overall..arguably the best of the big 3.

m232355d ago

I actually think Gears will release Spring next year, making room for the new Xbox later that year. At least I hope......
I agree though, MS had a pretty good conference, not great but way better than the last two years. Halo 4 blew me away when I saw it, I just don't know why they didn't end it with that instead of Black Ops 2.

TheGamingArt2355d ago

Jesus, how was it good O.O.. what's wrong with gamer's standards now adays considering the complete lack of 'games'?

EVILDEAD3602355d ago

Nah..starting with Halo4 was the suprise of the show. We all knew it was coming, but expected to hear half a conference before it came.

To give it full attention they led with it. Perfect in my opinion. It looked great but I'm glad they didn't show anything really revealing in the trailer footage.

No matter what people feel about Black Ops..I feel it made sense and IMO it looks good.

Microsoft would have received an A from me if they wouldve shown Bungies shooter at the end, but that will be next year.

If Gears was really coming in Spring they would have shown it. GTA V is coming in the spring and nobody would waste their time going head to head with that monster.

The 360 will have Gears and Bungies MMO for the 360 going into E3..which is really making me wonder if the next Xbox will not be here till 2014.


gamer78042355d ago

Smartglass a con??

I'd give them a B+, smartglass was a great addition, all of my friends were pretty excited about it, plus those who are android users.

TheGamingArt2355d ago

Seriously. They deserve a fat F. Who the hell would give them higher than a C? Just because they showed Halo and Gears != > C

Hicken2355d ago

I wouldn't say a F, but it seems that as long as Halo and Gears are shown off, Microsoft supporters will be happy.

Displaying core games isn't something Microsoft does well, but the core Microsoft gamer... apparently isn't very core, since they seem to be happy with all this other stuff instead.

EVILDEAD3602355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Displaying core games isn't something Microsoft does well, but the core Microsoft gamer... apparently isn't very core, since they seem to be happy with all this other stuff instead

Halo and Gears ARE core how is it that Micrsoft doesnt do well?

Are we going to claim that every game that the others show is core?

Is Wonderbook core? The Super Smash Bros. Allstar game core?

Basically Micrsoft shows games that it's core install base love. Non-360 fans or people who dont like those types of games are the ones who pretend that Micrsoft doesnt support it's core.