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"I thought to do a little perspective on the New Playstation Plus service since Sony announced the extra goodies at their E3 conference this week. I decided to snap up the 3 month subscription service to see what's in store. When Sony announced that 10 free games would be given out for free starting with this week's update it looked promising."

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black9112084d ago

i just became a member this morning. Glad I have a 1TB HDD in my PS3.

Rainstorm812084d ago

Im buying a 1 TB drive soon just Infanous 2 , R&C all 4 one and LA noire takes up roughly 55GB on my 320 HDD

TotalRevue2084d ago

That's scaring me! How much does LA Noire take up?

Rainstorm812084d ago

25GB I got a PS+ Deal and it came with all the DLC for 25$

ABizzel12084d ago

Infamous is 15 / 16 GB alone.

slaton242084d ago

thats why i buy the disc take up alot less space....downloading ps3 games through psn takes to much memory

blackbeld2083d ago

I just download inFamous2, LBP 2, Warhammer 40.000, Darksiders, Motorstorm Apocolyps, Virtual Figther 5, Renegade Ops, Outland, Chime super deluxe and Oddworld HD. Total like 30GB.

I am so happy with the free AAA games. Every month we will get 3 new titles for free.

I already have a 500GB but this not gonna be enough.

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Berserk2084d ago

My ran out yesterday :/ Will have to buy another subscribing at the end of the month...

Myst2084d ago

Lol glad I randomly decided to get plus last month :D

NovusTerminus2084d ago

Just signed up today. Hard Core: Uprising is an awesome game!

TotalRevue2084d ago

I'm glad that I upgraded from the launch 60GB to the 320GB - considering inFamous 2 is 15GB, I wouldn't have been able to download very much!

Y_51502084d ago

Mine is finally ending in 2 days! I gotta get back on the fun soon!

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The story is too old to be commented.