Fox Engine "Pretty Much Ready To Start Making A Game"

Also during an interview, Hideo Kojima mentioned the state at which Fox Engine was at and whether it was ready or not.

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turgore2295d ago

Good cuz I wanna see it !

LackTrue4K2295d ago

are there any videos of this engine? i have yet to see any....(any links?)

wishingW3L2295d ago

PES 2013 uses the Fox Engine. XD

Hicken2295d ago

But is it developed enough to make a baby?

123_3212295d ago

I thought they were making a game the whole time.

Maggot Bag2295d ago

It's Next-Gen PES that'll make use of the Fox Engine:

In an interview with Eurogamer, Senior producer Naoya Hatsumi told the site that Konami will try to regain the number one spot by introducing a new engine into the PES series.

"What we are trying to do is we are going to win back the crown when it comes to the next generation. That’s what we want to do, and to do this we need to have a new engine. That’s what we think.
We have to use a new engine. Have you heard of the Fox Engine? We are working very closely with them."

PES 2013 does however have a few changes I'm looking forward to