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Resistance Characters Possibly Joining PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

I had the chance to check PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale during E3 this week and noticed an all too familiar pick-up item. (E3, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

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smashcrashbash  +   1146d ago
So Nathan Hale then? Or is it just simply a Resistance stage with thousands of Chimera swarming all over the Beast trying to bring him down.

@ Shok. So what's wrong with Hale? He was half Chimera and was able to use every weapon in the game. You are acting like that is some sort of problem.He will be just right up there with Radec
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LarVanian  +   1146d ago
I thought about an arena involving the Beast fighting a Chimeran horde a while ago. It would be pretty awesome to see.
I'm thinking either Nathan Hale or Joe Capelli will do. Their arsenal of weapons would add some cool gameplay dynamics and Joe's sledgehammer could be used as a melee weapon.
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dericb11  +   1146d ago
I say add both. 1 Character model and 2 skins. This way the roster could change without having to make a new character.

Nathan Hale / Joe
and so on....
miyamoto  +   1146d ago
To end all arguements why dont we include all the characters in the Michael commercial?
Joule  +   1146d ago
I'd rather see Cole McGrath
-Alpha  +   1146d ago
Yeah me too, Hale wouldn't be interesting enough. Cole's electricity moves would definitely create a more interesting character. Resistance's hedgehog grenade is confirmed to be in the game, if anything, it will be Resistance's interesting weapons and scenes that will be in the game.

There are far better roster picks, and personally, I want to see more fun characters like a life-sized Sackboy, Maximillian from Dark Cloud, Wanderer, etc.
sikbeta  +   1146d ago
PS3 characters... nice and all... now, where are THE characters from PS1 and PS2? Hale f*king sucks, give me Sackboy + Kat + Rachet + Clack + Jak + Daxter + pay to Acti and give me Crash! pay to SE and give me Cloud, I want a PlayStation Brawler with characters from 3 generations, not just PS3!


Right Shok, the massive amount of character from the PS1 and PS2 era are not characters at all

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nathanhale  +   1145d ago
I hope I'm in it :)
Shok  +   1146d ago
What "characters"? The only noticeable one is Nathan......I guess you can throw a Chimera in there but that'd be pretty lame......

Yea there's also that guy from the PSP game (forgot his name but he was a badass lol) but how would he be any different from Hale?
Nitrowolf2  +   1146d ago
Maybe it'll be one of the bigger ones (In R3, they spout fire from their fists)

This guy

I can see him working, kind of in a way as Donkey Kong, at least I picture it like that.
cmpunk53  +   1146d ago
A Resistance character? it will definitly be Nathan.

What I would really want to be in the roster is Dart from The Legend of Dragoon! It would be awesome to see him power up and transform into his Divine Dragoon form.
DarkBlood  +   1146d ago
so the level 3 super would be the red eye dragoon? but yeah this this this this

dart would be my main character in both single and multiplayer online

favourite game of all time for me as well as being my first rpg
HammadTheBeast  +   1146d ago
I agree with you both, I've been writing this in so many PSA articles now. His moves could be the Addition moves for easy combos as well.
smashcrashbash  +   1146d ago
@ Alpha .Why can't we just have both?
r21  +   1146d ago
i hope they have a stage with resistance 3 in mind and maybe SPOLER-> a grave showing Dr. Malikov <-SPOILER.
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1146d ago
Sounds generic! I'd love one!
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NBT91  +   1146d ago
Honestly, they are sticking way too many modern characters in and nowhere near enough classic characters. They have Parappa and that is about it as far as I know (who to be fair, is a brilliant choice)

But stil....No Gex, Spyro... Crash Bandicoot?
Ultr  +   1146d ago
spyro and crash are third party unfortunately, so I would like em but hey its up to vivendi...
NBT91  +   1146d ago
I thought Activision have the Crash license at the moment? Cant remember how long ago it was but I am sure I read that.

Still, I dont think that is what is really stopping them, they have Bioshock in the game, and that is third party... I mean, and its not even an exclusive for that matter.
Ultr  +   1146d ago
I would also like to see

TOMBA! (nr1 character for me)
Nathan hale
Ratchet and clank
jak and daxter
Ico characters

Though I think the roaster from "Michael" ad is all we will get :)
CRASHBASHUK  +   1146d ago
u fegot crash and spyro
Ultr  +   1145d ago
sry was because I wrote them on my other post! they should definately be in there too!
Acquiescence  +   1146d ago
Resistance doesn't have much to offer to a fanservice game like this...
So if Superbot have to pluck a character from the franchise then just make it a Chimera and leave it at that. It's about the closest thing the Resistance games have got to an iconic figure.
TronEOL  +   1146d ago
It's what they did for the Killzone character (Helghast Radec, rather than any of the hero characters), so I can see them doing the same for a character from Resistance.
Haha123  +   1146d ago
So they aiming for more characters from this gen rather then previous gens?
Drummerdude41  +   1146d ago
I would want items/guns from the resistance franchise more than a character to be honest. If they add one than that's cool too, unless they have a set number of character slots and he's taking up a slot that could go to a cloud or crash bandicoot character.
ttsndrs  +   1146d ago
nathan hale is a major playstation icon, why wouldnt he be a playable character? everyone says hes to "generic" but I disagree. They could make him in his infected form where he could use his chimera abilities and besides hes already a super human/soldier

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