Download the Music Max Payne Hates, Decide For Yourself

Rockstar has announced today that they are releasing a full set of house beats by Trouble & Bass, referred to as the Trouble in Brazil Mixtape, for fans to listen to for free on their Soundcloud page. When asked for further comment about the club's music, Mr. Payne stated, “You bet your ass I was [drinking]. You try staying in there for five minutes sober!”

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Can't blame Max.... Does anyone even stand this electronic crap when they are sober? I know I can't even drunk...

Dovahkiin2231d ago

Loved Max's hatred towards the music/partying. What a brilliant game.

h311rais3r2231d ago

Yes. Yes it was. SO true. Only time it Sounds good is when ur high because it's jut sound. And even then classic rock FTW!


And that's why no one can beat Brütal Legend sound track wise. I literally always felt like playing more just because of the great music list.

TEZ-RaViNlUnAtIk2230d ago

I'd rather listen to this electronic crap than fuckin shitty rap music anyday!