Madden 13′s Kinect Voice Integration – Gimmick or Evolution?

Hearing EA officials call the forthcoming game in the Madden series "the next big innovation" year in and year out is nearly cringe worthy - but it appears that for once, the enhancements promised at this year's E3 might prove a true evolution in what has been a relatively static past few years for the series.

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StrongMan2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Gimmick. Did you see how long it took for the ball to snap after Joe Montana said hike? It took 2 seconds for the ball to snap AFTER Joe said hike. If you yell hike with 2 seconds on the play clock you will get a delay of game penalty because the ball won't snap in time. No one will use this feature. MS closed down Ensemble studios for the core but they invest in Kinect 3rd party gimmicks?


I read that you can pass to receivers by calling their names with Kinect, LOL. Anyone who plays Madden and know football knows that the windows for open receivers are very small and timing is key. Yelling "Calvin Johnson" and Kinect won't register it until 2 or 3 seconds later will result in an interception every time.

Bleucrunch2300d ago

LOL yes I saw that as well...I saw Montana get in position as well and when he said Hike he moved out but nothing happen so he had to quickly get back in formation LOL....EA and their gimmicks man...I aint falling for it...its just crap.

NYC_Gamer2300d ago

Madden is all about new gimmicks and stale gameplay

Bleucrunch2300d ago

Madden is a product of lack of competition...with no other football game to compare it to. They (EA) can do whatever they want since their is no competition. Loook at Live that game sucks and has sucked for years because their is another on the market (NBA 2k) that is a whole lot better than it so EA had to scrap it last year because it wasnt up to par...This will force them to make a better see what competition does?

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lilmetal2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

I feel like if you wanna yell out commands, just go outside and play for real...
Alot more fun screaming at your friends, rather than virtual players.

NovusTerminus2300d ago

Overall, I don't understand why it is a Kinect feature, Socom 2 used this... Hell even Hey You Pikachu had voice commands.

This can be done with any headset, but they decided to make it exclusive to a $150 headset.

lilmetal2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

If you wanted to take it back further, I think you could kill Pols Voice on Zelda for the Famicom with the mic.
But, I was wondering the same exact fkin' thing...
I'd find it acceptable to just have the feature work with any mic.
Apparently, this kind of stuff is only possible "With the power of Kinect!".

Shadonic2300d ago

its the voice recognition in the kinect that lets them jsut basically put in commands rather than making a new soft ware for it. This has to be the slowest voice commands on any kinect integration ive seen.

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