1UP: Celebrate Metroid Prime's 10th Anniversary with... Halo 4?

1UP writes: My Halo 4 wish-list has been topped by a single simple demand since before its announcement: Give us something new. Much as I love Halo's mechanics and enjoy its world, the series' sandbox has stagnated over its past few entries. The Covenant simply don't have any new surprises to offer. Brutes, Elites, Hunters, Grunts, Jackals... been there, done that, slapped a sticky grenade on 'em.

In a few short minutes of the campaign play demo at Microsoft's E3 press showing, 343i managed to allay many of my concerns. The Master Chief's first encounter pits him against a small Covenant squad (which seems a little weird -- aren't those guys Earth's buddies now that the Flood threat has come to an end?), yet this familiar situation quickly finds itself cut short when a new enemy vaporizes an Elite rushing to bisect the Chief with its sword

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Chuk52261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Well some of the prime games definitely took a page out of Halo's book, and it worked out fine. It only makes sense that 343 return the favour.

Also, there are retro studios veterans at 343.

Gen0ne2260d ago

Wait... How exactly did Metroid take a page out of Halo's book? I'm a HUGE Metroid fan and well, not so much for Halo. The only page I can see is when Retro tried to copy Halo's multiplayer aspect ( which didn't really work out ) for Echoes.

wwm0nkey2261d ago

Being compared to Metroid Prime is not a bad thing at all.

eagle212260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Being compared to the excellent Metroid Prime is why i clicked on a halo Fans of halo better take it as a huge compliment and I saw the influences myself watching game play. Soon as the hud for scanning popped up I was ready for Metroid Prime It's cool they admire Samus....hope fans of halo enjoy halo 4.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2260d ago

It would be cool if Halo had a Metroid multiplayer skin as commemoration.....