Why people don't want to buy Battlefield: Premium

During their E3 press conference on June 4, Electronic Arts and DICE announced Battlefield: Premium, a service that essentially provides more content to Battlefield players, for a whopping $50. Content includes exclusive early access to four DLC packs, exclusive weapons, new features, and other irrelevant items. The concept sounds great, and we expected to see a very positive wave of feedback towards DICE and EA, but the feedback was actually very negative, and we couldn't help but wonder why. So, we went directly to the community and asked them what is keeping them from buying Battlefield: Premium. While their responses did differ slightly, there was a major consensus among our survey sample.

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Emilio_Estevez2142d ago

I'm not buying it b/c I have the LE with BtK and still have to pay the same price as people without it. That's BS. I paid for the game before it even came out and that's how they do me. Very disappointed, can't get a DICE/EA person to respond either.

DarthJay2141d ago

The DLC says you get "all five DLC's" and one of the five is Back To Karkand. DICE has rationalized this as it being a good deal for people that have not purchased it and still a $10 discount for those that already have Back To Karkand.

It's obviously a PR move in a way, but realistically, people just buying the game now are in fact getting the full effect of the discount, where people that already got the first expansion free ONLY save $10.

Basically, Emilio is pissed that he already got something free and is only saving $10 for preordering the DLC.

The only people that have any kind of beef are the ones that did not get the limited edition and had to pay for Back To Karkand. If that doesn't describe you, you're whining about nothing.

iJihaD2141d ago

EA have always released Map packs (DLC), for around $15.
Here you got a bunch of them for CHEAPER than 15 each!
So it's ok they steal you once a while $15, but paying less one time for all of them is not good.
Hating the "Elite" concept (which is money sucking) made us hate any services like such. Even if it really was cheaper than before. (what we used to with BF series)

zeeshan2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I loved BF3 but DICE really dropped the ball on this. I am not buying it because well, after reaching Level 50 Colonel, I just couldn't see the bugs being fixed and I am talking about BASIC stuff. I hate it when the game sound suddenly disappear. I mean that is BASIC shit! Squad splitting all the time. Yes, even after all those patches, our squad splits every now and then. They killed almost all the shotguns and added a bunch of stupid recoil in the spring patch and then the awful M26 dart glitch! OH MY GOD!

It took them MONTHS to fix the PS3 voip problem. I never faced any input lag but a number of people had that problem.

They also introduced private servers. Now, I get kicked when I kill the admin repeatedly or I get changed to a different team and in most cases losing team. WTF is that?

Above all. My PS3 hardly ever freezes except when I am playing BF3. Last month, I was playing BF3 and I had 60+ kills and only 18 deaths. I was doing really good reviving people, handing out ammunition and what not and I was racking in a lot of points and then the worst happen again. My PS3 froze! OH MY GOD! WTF DICE!? You can't fix basic shit! And now you are giving us COD clone DLC? I am done, I am totally DONE!

I am catching up with my back log of games and currently enjoying Mass Effect 3 and Dead Space 2, Uncharted 3 and thinking about picking up Skyrim. DICE can go and [email protected]#$%^...


deadpoole2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

My only issue with this game is Input Lag, same lag problem made playing Killzone 2 impossible for me (which I stopped playing and didn't buy any single DLC) and this game is also giving me the same hard time enjoying its awesomness.

I've been patient for last 7 Months and going to wait just few more months so I won't have this regret that I stopped playing it too early and didn't give developers a chance to fix it.

Other than input lag, I never had any problem with this game, some say suppression effect ... buff this nerf that ... I simply enjoyed the changes cuz it forces me to change my tactics and gameplay style.

INPUT LAG is single biggest issue with this game thats affecting me and stopping me from buyin Premium.

If they fix this Input Lag issue 2morrow, I'd be more than happy to pay thrice the amount for this DLC and its awesomness.

Otherwise, I'd simply give up and this year buy COD:Black Ops 2, cuz I want to enjoy for what I paid for and not to compromise, get frustrated and agravated for everytime I start playing the damn game.

SolidStoner2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I buyed BF3 premium!

and I say Go for it.. this game is worth every penny including all DLC, and new Gun Game mode in CQ DLC is great..

Dice is going other direction compared to COD..

I got not just new amazing huge maps, but also new weapons, new game modes, new/better damage physics, new vehicles.. very happy with it on my PS3 online! Great community!

EDIT: this far the only problem I see with it that it isnt on all platforms.. you have to buy it for every platform you own.. I would love to use PREMIUM on my PC! I hope Dice/EA changes it!

tokugawa2141d ago

the game is fucked simple! i am/was a massive bf fanboy, but after the abortion what is bf3. they can piss off.... besides i have already sold it!!

what was the worse bf by far, was made even worse by their horrible patch, then they go and do the rent a server option.. 24/7 metro anyone?

ii would go back to bc2 if people still played it

deadpoole2140d ago

^^^ CuDnt agree more ... I still regret the day I sold my BFBC2 ... :('''

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MiamiACR212142d ago

It's basically pre-ordering all the DLC with a discounted price. I don't have a problem with it and I love the game and play it almost every day if I have time, and I have a job; so I bought it. People who are having trouble paying rent, or don't make any income at all will have a huge problem with it I'm guessing.

Emilio_Estevez2142d ago

It just doesn't make sense for me to pay the same price as someone without any DLC considering I already have some of what they are offering.

They didn't think it through b/c it was a reaction to elite.

PwnerifficOne2142d ago

Even so, you still get a huge discount if you subtract B2K from the package and pay the same price compared to buying all the DLC packs individually.

Persistantthug2142d ago

They put the game out broken and unfinished,

TOOK MONTHS to fix my damn game I bought, and there's still some messed up stuff.

And they have the nerve to ask me to give their greedy a$$es more money?


Both EA and DICE can kiss me where the sun don't shine.

I just downloaded DUST 514 just now, so if it's good, I might not even buy their stupid map for $15.

allyc4t2142d ago

I doubt they care. Sounds like you didn't like the game anyways.

Persistantthug2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

What level are you?


swat_teem2141d ago

lol you got owned :P

Phaqutomb2141d ago

did EA not say they would not put stuff out like CoD with there elite last year? seems like they are talking out both sides of there mouth to me.

TotalHitman2141d ago

DUST 514 is surprisingly good. It's quite fun indeed.

Oh, and Battlefield Premium sucks...

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CoolBeansRus2141d ago

I'm not buying because:
1. I dont think i will be playing the game a year from now. I'm fine with the weapons and maps i have now.
2. I don't like to pay for things that haven't been released yet.
3. It excludes me, if i don't want to buy the package i have to wait longer and have to pay more. Why? That's like saying, if you don't pre-order a game you will pay more for it. Just doesn't make sense.

xtremeimport2141d ago

I will point the finger directly at EA and not DICE when it comes to this. DICE gave every map pack free in BC2 and then Vietnam was a pretty damn good price.
idk...i'll probbaly get this because I play a lot of BF and it'd be worth it.
it is BS though that i'll basically have to end up paying for BtK.

xVeZx2141d ago


orange-skittle2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Most people dont know what movie that came from. You do know that shows what kind of person you are? I'm sure you identified with that character as well. Big fat kid that usually got picked on in school. Lazy, no ambition and just wanted to get high and escape your problems. Got mad when the girl you liked, didnt like you and ended up giving head to the black guy with the BBC at the party you went to together...

Back on topic-Hell No! Why pay $50 when I own B2K already just like 90% of the players online

tacosRcool2141d ago

I don't see why everybody here is whining about this. Everybody that I have played so far have premium granted I play on the PC. I bought the limited edition and gladly spent some more just to get premium. Saves me some money in the long run.

Some basic math:
$15 per DLC x 5 DLC total = $75 for all DLC
Subtract that for those who got the limited edition:
You still save money.

Also its funny to see how many people complain about EA and yet they still buy their products

JBit922141d ago

Love DICE, hate EA. One cares about making great games, the other cares about making money

BlmThug2141d ago

BF is now no different from CoD. Ea is and always will be as evil or more so than Activision

MerkinMax2141d ago

I already payed $15 for B2K. Offer me a discount and I'll jump all over Premium.

MEsoJD2141d ago

I don't even have BF3 because origin is shit. God damn it EA, put it on steam already.

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user60150952142d ago

EA continues to innovatre the industry with premium. Together with sony they will stamp out trash like COD and Halo and Gears and bring real games back to the forefront.

Dead Space and EA Medal of honor and battolfield 3 are all testament to the greatness that is ea and battolfield 3 premium will be more.

DasTier2142d ago

What is wrong with you?

Dazel2142d ago

EA are jus money grabbing C#%TS

Rainstorm812141d ago

Take your fanboy drivel elsewhere

tokugawa2141d ago

and here was me thinking that multiplats were rubbish, and only exclusives counted as good games??

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JonahNL2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

My answer:

"No, because I have to pay the exact same fucking price for it, even though I own the LIMITED EDITION of BF3, with Back To Karkand."

EA can kiss my hairy ass.

DasTier2142d ago

you realise that you'll still be saving money if you buy it? even if like me you already have BtK.

Karlnag32141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Why should we be satisfied with saving less money when we supported the game day 1? Day 1 buyers get a worse deal, because they bought the game day 1... that's bullshit. But not as bullshit as their whole "we'll fix our game when the DLC is released." Uhm, no. You'll fix your broken product as soon as you can, not at your own convenience. People paid for a broken game, and months later it's not fully fixed, then they tell us they won't put out a patch until they release DLC?! It's obvious they wait to take less of a hit to their wallet, meanwhile those who bought the game have to put up with it's problems. What a disgusting way to treat customers.

Ace_Pheonix2141d ago

Oh, boo hoo, 10 fucking dollars. If you really enjoyed it, you wouldn't be so upset about 10 dollars. I paid more for my PS3 than a whole lot of other people and you don't see me bitching. By a lot more than 10 dollars, too. It makes sense for them to entice newcomers by offering B2K in it as well. I still see it as them doubling the content, practically releasing a whole new game, yet charging me less and giving me extra perks for being a loyal customer. You're just bitching for the sake of bitching.

Karlnag32140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

@Ace_Pheonix Well, it's not really the money issue with B2K that bothers me so much (certainly doesn't help) what I mean though is that I'm not going to buy premium or any of their DLC, because in doing so I feel that I'm supporting and giving positive reinforcement to them holding back patches to save themselves money, and leaving paying customers to put up with a broken game.

Also, I'm not "bitching for the sake of bitching" I'm just pointing out my distaste for what I would call a shoddy business practice. I can't see most people accepting that kind of thing in other industries, so why should I be called a whiner for wanting the product I paid for to be sorted ASAP? You want to know what a whiner that is bitching for the sake of bitching really is? Any of the people that had a hateful kneejerk reaction to the devil may cry reboot because Dante's hair changed.

DarthJay2141d ago

So you're mad you already got Back To Karkand free and you're going to get it free again? Makes the utmost sense.

Graham55712141d ago

Here's the thing though: it's not "free" in any sense of the word. They used it as a bonus for buying the game early on at full price, and now with this program they're charging us for it. We're basically buying it twice. Now I understand that you will still save money if you get it, but they still should change the price according to what DLC you already had.

DarthJay2141d ago

@Graham5571 OK fine! All changed. For $50 you get the four expansions you don't have yet netting you a savings of $10.

Easier to understand now? Great!

AusRogo2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Im not getting it yet. $80 over here! Edit: and yes I know it saves me money, but the price is F***ing ridiculous compared to America.

paddystan2142d ago

Im not buying it simply because it costs 449 NOK here in Norway, which means 60£.