'You're going to die a fair amount:' Bleszinski on Gears of War: Judgment's S3 system

Joystiq writes: Gone are the static spawn wells seen in Gears of War entries in the past. With Gears of War: Judgment, People Can Fly and Epic Games will introduce something they're labeling as S3 – a smart spawn system.

"Previously in Gears, if you wanted a greater challenge, you went for the higher difficulty mode. It basically meant less health for you and more health for them. It worked perfectly fine, but we tried to attack this from a different angle," People Can Fly's Adrian Chmielarz explained to Joystiq. "S3 constantly monitors your performance, from simple stuff like accuracy and your skills, but also like your location in the combat zone." Chmielarz provided an example of a player in one corner, shooting Locust, then having the system adapt on the fly and spawn enemies at more challenging locations.

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GribbleGrunger2114d ago

i wish these companies would stop pulling the Demon's Soul card. i was disappointed that Dark Souls was advertised along these lines too. it's the same as constantly going on about how great the weapons are. it narrows the perspective and does the franchise a disservice

RonaldRaygun2114d ago

Pulling the Demon's Souls card is good, as long as your game can back it up. I'd love for more developers to make hard games and be proud that they're not making each sequel easier and more "accessible" to a broader audience.

GribbleGrunger2114d ago

it's jumping on the bandwagon.

Patriots_Pride2114d ago

Like I said in another article - Gears Judgment is the game that Cliffy wanted to make from the start but due to MS strict rules they had to ax alot of thing out - I remember reading that the chainsaw almost got cut out of the first gears because some lady at MS thought it was too violent.

Here hoping that Cliffy has 150% freedom with this game and goes all out.

NYC_Gamer2114d ago

Games now days are even easy when select the hard difficulty

andibandit2114d ago

normally i would agree, but after having completed COD:WAW on veteran i just can't

_Aarix_2114d ago

Some yes, some no. Gears of war on insane is almost impossible without help, You hath to have patience and strategy basically die a million times until you know exactly where someone will be and how to counter it.

Now don't get me started on twisted metal, on Normal, its still unfair how hard it is, I can't unwind from work with this game over the frustration.

TheGuyWho2114d ago

good. i dont like easy games.

Neko_Mega2114d ago

Lets see if they can back it up, I enjoy Demon's Souls and Dark Souls because they weren't easy.

I laugh at my friends bf because he said it was to hard and so he sold his game after four days.

StreetsofRage2114d ago

They're is a big difference between being hard and being stupid cheap. Only a handful of games can call themselves hard, yet enjoyable. Hopefully this Gears can pull it off.

ShinraE52114d ago

Best comment I have seen on N4G

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The story is too old to be commented.