Ray Bradbury would have hated SmartGlass

How would the late sci-fi author feel about Microsoft's SmartGlass? Probably not great, if his work is any indication.

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Godmars2901989d ago

The man past away only this week. Isn't it a bit soon to be bring him up for something like this?

crazytown991989d ago

The article takes his side.

crazytown991989d ago

Also, something like what? This article has no agenda.

Godmars2901988d ago

Other than to say Smartglass sucks. Is rather pointless. I'd be saying the same thing if the author was kissing MS's @$$.

THR1LLHOUSE1989d ago

You've gotta admit, the end of Farenheit 451 would be a lot easier to manage if everyone had iPads with a million books on them.

Actually, who needs books? They could just save movies and TV on there. That'd be a better ending.

What's that? I'm missing the whole point of his book? Nahh...I don't think so.

Godmars2901989d ago

On the other hand, as Amazon has already proven, it would be just as easy to alter or erase an iPad's contents if its online.

THR1LLHOUSE1989d ago

Good point!

I'll give you a co-writer credit on my Farenheit 451 sequel....

"Farenheit 451: Kindle-ing"

deantak1989d ago

the temperature of paper burning.

KMCROC541986d ago

Well at least we won't hear him bitch about it .