Defending E3: Not As Bad As You Think

Hard Reset: Let’s get two things straightened out. Ever year every platform holder has a bad conference. Long, boring segments. Awkward moments when jokes don’t quite work. Five hundred and ninety nine US Dollars. Every year people on the internet complain about not getting what they want. Hey, I even took to the internet on the Hard Reset Youtube channel and did a lot of shrugging and mehing. However, after the dust has settled and with a bit of unbiased brain work, E3 was undeniably awesome, but for a vocal internet minority and self entitled bunch of cry babies.

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Patriots_Pride2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

You know E3 2012 was sh!t when it needs defending.

ThanatosDMC2377d ago

HAHAHA! One sentence kills it.

gumgum992377d ago

I don't even have to say anything...

Patriots_Pride's reply>>>>>>t his article's defense