Console XP’s Best of E3 2012 Winners

Console XP: "This E3 entertained some, disappointed many, but overall impressed its core fans with new games. Each conference had their own definitive way of presenting consumers with quality and commitment.
For those who participated, our staff member formed decisions based off what we thought were the best showings of E3 2012."

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Major_Nailson2263d ago

haha what's with people making the last of us their e3 game of the year? A generic uncharted clone? REALLY?????

I remember the days when video games were about gameplay and didn't focus on visuals. Naughty Dog has really dropped the ball this gen in terms of fun factor...

MysticStrummer2262d ago

Well that's like, your opinion, man. Seriously though, if you think LoU is a UC clone you haven't been paying attention, and if you think ND has dropped the ball in the fun department I have to wonder what your taste in games is. ND has been one of the top names in fun all generation.

SandWitch2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Have you heard about games that have both great gameplay and great visuals?
No? Maybe you should get a console from this generation then

mamaruta2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

@ TechGear : yes !! halo 4 !!! same thing , Microsoft did not announce any new title ... Sony?
3 new titles hahahahaha ... Xbox 360 fanboy you lose ... I have both consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) but this year Microsoft was uder Sony and Ubisoft

xAlmostPro2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Feel free to explain how the last of us is an uncharted clone? :)

It looks better, completely different setting, gritty survival/thriller, no insane climbing/jumping(if you view released footage climbing is kept to more realistic objects such as low ledges, actual ladders etc), different characters, ammo is far less common, more stealthy..

Uncharted is more of a lighthearted humorous action game.

modesign2262d ago

Generic uncharted
*cough* STARWARS1313*cough*

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2263d ago
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modesign2262d ago

overall game this gen = last of us/watchdogs

overall game next gen = square enix demo/UE4 demo (guessing next gen games will never actaully use the full potential of the selected engines).