E3 2012: Who won E3 - the Nintendo 3DS or the PS Vita?

Pocket Gamer's Mike Rose writes: "With the majority of PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS E3 announcements delivered, I have been tasked with crowning a winner of the show. And quite honestly, it feels a bit like picking the least guilty-looking criminal out of a police line-up"

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trickman8882377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

How is this even a question? Obviously the 3ds won E3 this year. Hell having a conference dedicated to your handheld>> having a conference with little mention of your handheld except for a few games and a few apps.

Sony screwed up this year in E3 regarding the Vita. Hopefully they get their act together in the future.

telekineticmantis2377d ago

Nintendo dedicated a good part of their conference, but Sony did an Excellent job Having good looking full retail games and good Looking DLC games.

I personally think it's more based on taste, you're more interested in 3DS type games, I'm more interested in Vita type games.

darthv722377d ago

at least that is my view of it.

Where i can see sony really pushing vita sales is the inclusion of vita version on all cross platform titles. People who have a ps3 buy one game and get both the console and portable. That is enough to get me to buy a vita right there.

It wouldnt be the first time sony gave away a digital copy of something with the retail purchase. They had select bluray movies with psp digital copies but this would be the first time relating to games.

If they did this, and marketed it right, it could propel vita sales over the 3ds. 3ds doesnt have cross platform games with wii but then again they could be working on some with wii-u.

--Onilink--2377d ago

but the thing is, sony didnt announce anything like this at E3, so why would it influence the answer to this question.

The truth is sony barely showed anything for the Vita. The 3DS didnt show much new, but at least showed a LOT of games coming out this year

Wintersun6162377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

3DS had more games shown, but most of them were games I'm not so thrilled about before trying them, but could most probably enjoy. Vita had a lot less games, but they were games I'm more interested in. So IMO it was a tie.

pr0digyZA2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Sony didn't show off their videos to the media even though they prepared some, which is weird. Heres a list from Hero_of_the_day_from Neogaf
Check out link for some vids and info.

Some of the games include:
Retro City Rampage
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
Playstation All-Stars
Sly Cooper
Super Monkey Ball
Jet Set Radio
Frobisher Says
Sine Mora
Metal Gear HD Collection
Hatsune Miku
PS One Classics
Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes
Little Kings Story
Little Big Planet
Persona 4 Golden
Street Fighter X Tekken
Sound Shapes
Call of duty
Silent hill

Heres the video compilation that was supposed to be played at the conference but was pulled for more wonderbook stuff.

In all Sony didn't really promote the vita as much as they should have, even though they have a great line up of games coming.

jujubee882377d ago

Enjoy your toys. Have a great day! :)

ronin4life2377d ago

Most of those are ports or MP games.
New little kings story is a remake of a wii game, and retro city rampage is also coming to the wii(and others I think, but I am uncertain...)
Hatsune Miku was shown as a test, and may not even make it out of Japan even with the "positive reception" it recieved at e3.

Now look ay Fusions list. All original entries in renouned franchises(Code of princess is an original IP from the Gaurdian Heroes team) and exclusive to the 3ds, with the exception of the 999 sequel which is a 3ds/vita MP title. And there are more titles he did not list, such as Fire Emblem(announced, not shown) and Harvest Moon.

The 3ds has a larger incoming lineup and more exclusive titles than the Vita. While there is nothing wrong with ports on a console, more exclusive games are needed to make it worth buying. Currently, the platforms that share a good deal of the vita's(ps3, for example) lineup are available for less money AND have deeper libraries. What is the point of buying a new console when you can buy a majority of its games on cheaper hardware or hardware you already own?

Seraphemz2377d ago

I wouldnt buy a game for a cheaper hardware ever! thats why I love my VITA.. You get what you pay for. And the Vita is amazing! And its only going to get better games.

pr0digyZA2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Might be so, but I personally like the games that are coming to the vita (assassins creed for instance is one of my best franchises and to have a unique game is awesome to me, same goes for little big planet its the same name but different levels, Soul sacrifice wasn't even on my list but thats new). Then many of the hd remakes I will only get on vita, to me it just feels natural as it wont seem as dated (plus I have never played the old sly or old metal gear so to me it is new). The games however on 3ds don't appeal to me in the least I literally look at fusions list and think I would not be too sad to miss out on most of those (I say most because KH, FF Rythm I'd like to play). So it all comes down to personal preference and what type of games you enjoy I will buy minimum 9 games from the vita list.

ronin4life2377d ago

Well, personal preference obviously does have a large affect from person to person. (Different strokes for different folks is an adequate, if not a little crude way of putting it. ^_^;)
I'm the exact opposite: Almost none of the games coming for Vita interest me, but the 3ds' lineup has several games I am highly anticipating.(Paper Mario, for instance.)

That really is the beauty of having more than one console on the market: more diversity and choice.
I hope you enjoy your Vita. If you haven't already considered it, look up Gravity Rush( I think it comes out soon). If/when I get a Vita, that will be one I definitely check out for myself.^_^

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