Microsoft files complaint against owner of, wants domain

Xbox SmartGlass was officially unveiled earlier this week at the E3 convention in Los Angeles. Days before the big event, rumors had swirled that Microsoft would reveal SmartGlass, prompting the company to register a slew of domains with “SmartGlass” in the name like One name noticeably missing from the list was That’s because Microsoft wasn’t quick enough to register the name. It was registered by a resident of China on the very same day Microsoft moved to secure its “SmartGlass” domains. Microsoft may have been slow to secure the domain, but it still intends to get it. Microsoft has now filed a complaint (Case Number 1446970) with the National Arbitration Forum over the domain name

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FlashXIII2383d ago

Lol well played mr Chinese guy!

Hisiru2383d ago

Yup, he is going to earns ome money.

LostDjinn2383d ago

That's the sad part. We all know MS are no angels but this Chinese guys' actions just show that it's about time we (the world) rolled out some new laws.

Patent law, domain names, copyright, etc are all in need of an overhaul. A sensible one.

All this story shows is how opportunistic people are able to screw the current system with very little effort.

tokugawa2383d ago

is someone did this to sony, n4g would explode in rage !!

Honest_gamer2383d ago

maybe they should have registered it before E3, there was already leaked info about it out and was pretty much confirmed so a domain name wouldn't have changed the fact most people who know about smart glass would have just been like "oh yeh its defo coming out now, before i was only 99.99999% sure now im 99.999999% sure" and the people who didnt use it (i.e 99% of the gamers on the xbox who dont use this site)

DeFFeR2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

They did register the domain names before E3... the issue is, that someone noticed the other domain registrations, and snagged .com before MS had a chance.

Honest_gamer2383d ago

.com is the "main" domain name, u'd think they would go for .com before something like etc, pretty amateur move on there part

DeFFeR2383d ago

".com is the "main" domain name, u'd think they would go for .com before something like etc, pretty amateur move on there part"

It's also more complicated to register for. It's easy to get a .net or .info, but if you're going to have a .com with massive user traffic, it takes more than just registering it with godaddy or some other domain registrant.

But whatever - the witchhunt is on.

Honest_gamer2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

no it doesnt, u just register the domain name, ive registerd a .com and one, and the process is the exact same, 90% of .com website's dont have massive traffic only the big sites get huge hits, amazon, wikipedia, amazon, google, facebook etc. and server wise is also the same u just change the name servers, now depending on the expected traffic u need more servers (for instance i have a basic server for my website whereas youtube has hundreds of thousands of servers)

Uncharted2Vet2383d ago

all that needs to be said.

GamingPerson2383d ago

If only they focused on making games this wouldn't be an issue.

DarthJay2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

I can see where that rationale makes total sense. Especially here.

Kran2383d ago

This is why when I made a product, I will register the name BEFORE development... because sometimes names fit all too well with the product. SOMETIMES.

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The story is too old to be commented.