Epic Confirms 'A Couple' of Next Gen Games in Development

Epic Games has confirmed that the company are working on 'a couple' of next generation titles in development.

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NastyLeftHook01989d ago

Good news, Next gen is around the corner.

gaffyh1989d ago

Porbably Gears 4, maybe Unreal Tournament 4 (for later).

ABizzel11989d ago

I agree with you. Probably some kind of PSN/XBL game, then Unreal Tournament for consoles so they can get use to the hardware, then Gears for Nextbox

GamingPerson1989d ago

Thye also making a pc exclusive and I hope it's Unreal Tournament 4. That series has gone down hill trying to change for consoles.

1989d ago
colonel1791989d ago

Hopefully third party devs try and do exclusives again. Maybe they could do one exclusive for Sony and one for MS. That way we could se what some developers can achieve by maximizing each hardware.

LightofDarkness1989d ago

I'm hoping for a free 2 play UT to put that game back in the map.

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