Pachter: No PS3/360 Price Drop Until Wii U Price Is Revealed

Are you wondering if Sony or Microsoft will drop the price of their consoles this year?

Well, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter said both companies are waiting until Nintendo releases the retail cost of the Wii U.

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Chuk52352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

WiiU could be the new dreamcast or saturn.

Except it's worse this time because they showed poorly. At least Dreamcast was awesome before sony overtook them and drained momentum. Wiiu is starting out with barely any. The mainstream audience that got the wii are confused as to what the wiiu is.

Nintendoland is clearly aiming to be the next wii sports, but the controller is way more complicated, and on top of that, the whole asynchronous philosophy of the system is even harder to wrap your head around than conventional controllers.

Nintendo isn't even sitting on piles of wii money anymore. Developing the wiiu, and the original poor debut of the 3ds made sure of that. Who is WiiU even for? What is Nintendo even doing?

I have so much more questions now that I've seen the system in it's actuality. That's the exact opposite thing that nintendo said would happen.

Nintendo, what are you doing?

Optical_Matrix2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

This. I'm buying it day one simply because of Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends. As well as the prospect of Zelda, a 3D Mario, Smash Bros etc in the future which are givens. But I know that Pikmin's appeal is limited, and Mario's relevance within the core demographic of gamers, outside of fans of Nintendo like myself, is limited as well.

I already know for a fact that when the PS4 comes out, like the PS3 before it, it'll be my main system, with the next Xbox as my secondary system, just as the 360 is now. The Wii U is going to end up being my 'Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros' box just like the Wii is now and Nintendo can't afford for that to happen again.

The problem they have is that the Wii has caused Nintendo to slowly become irrelevant in the modern gaming industry. While it broadened the market beyond what was already known, that market, who kept the Wii afloat is slowly being eaten away by Apple and to a lesser degree, Microsoft with Kinect and their huge push to become a set top entertainment box.

Now, with the Wii U coming out soon with system specs comparable to the 360/PS3, whats the 'thing' thats going to get the core, who are the ones who always make up most of a systems initial sales (even the Wii"s), to buy the system?

The biggest games this holiday are coming out on 360 and PS3 so where is the need to buy one? They have a year to garner 3rd party support which won't even last long once the PS4/720 roll out towards the end of next year. Developers are already clamouring for more power and no doubt Unreal Engine 4, which'll be one of the most commonly used engines next gen no doubt like UE3 before it, won't run on Wii U. So that, already is a HUGE amount of potential 3rd party support missed.

It just seems Nintendo is incompetent and still chooses to rely on gimmicks or being unique for the sake of being unique to sell hardware. The gamecube and N64 flopped and no Mario or Zelda managed to salvage that. The Wii was an anomaly due to the market it unlocked but I have high doubts that the Wii U can replicate that success.

Between not shipping the Wii U with a built in HDD, to relying on a year late port of Arkham City and Mass Effect 3 as headline games for the system, Nintendo is just out of touch with the modern gaming industry and its a shame.

I really can't see the Wii U being a success if the tablet controller doesn't catch on. God speed to them, but they put all their eggs in the casual basket 6 years ago and I think for that, they're going to learn a harsh lesson this generation. The game industry has outgrown Nintendo and left it behind while the Wii printed soccer mum money.

Anyways, I can't wait to play Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends.

SignifiedSix2351d ago

Lol, nothing ever dies from Nintendo... It'll never be a saturn or dreamcast..

It'll probably be the top selling next gen console again, even if the nextbox and PS4 are more powerful.

Chuk52351d ago

virtual boy.

game boy micro.


E-reader cards.

gba/game cube connectivity.

123_3212351d ago

You're so full of Pach, Crapter.

DA_SHREDDER2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Hahaha! I should have figured this one out a long time ago. Good one Pacht.

@ Chuck5

Now way dude, the big N run everything in gaming. Sure they don't have the best games in the world, but they are like nothing else out there, exclusive, and good. I actually thought about buying a WiiU at launch, but the best games for the system aren't out yet. obviously