Preview: DmC Devil May Cry (Rely on Horror)

Rely on Horror: "The following preview is based on two levels Capcom had playable at the show. One was a regular stage meant to get one used to the game’s mechanics, from combat to platforming. The other level was a straight-up boss battle against a grotesque creature. So with that said, keep on reading to find out why this is shaping up to be one of the best entries in the series."

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Tony-Red-Grave2356d ago

hope this doesn't sound wrong... but mind telling me why maybe i can try to put any fears to rest.

like i said though i hope that didn't come out wrong

2356d ago
dark-hollow2356d ago

at first i wasnt sure about ninja theory and the new direction they were taking with dante, but with every new trailer it starting to grow on me.

Kratoscar20082356d ago

Great game i tell you this game is gonna rock.