E3 2012: Microsoft E3 Press Conference Report Card

E3 has finally arrived, Microsoft kicked off the highly anticipated annual event with their press conference. For the first time in 2 years, Kinect was not the main focus of their conference.

Instead the company focused on games for the Xbox 360 core audience and revealed The Xbox Smart Glass. Was this enough to give Microsoft’s press conference a high grade?

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astroanthony2355d ago

Microsoft had a good conference.

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darthv722355d ago

They received lots of criticism last year for the amount of kinect games. this year there were still kinect games but more so there was more kinect elements in traditional games.

They still got criticized. The smart glass idea is interesting to me. I just entered the world of smart phones and so this was nice to see that it wasnt limited strictly to windows phones. Something I would like to see sony offer as well with their playstation mobile.

If all 3 are seeing the market the tablet/phones are in and offering something to make their platform relevant to those users then it should be across the board. Sony may/may not offer ps mobile to windows phone users but it would be a smart move if they did.

MS are making the 360 platform the next windows. Meaning they have built a solid base for 3rd parties to create apps and games for. So it makes sense their focus was more on 3rd parties than 1st because they know the life blood for any platform is a strong 3rd party relationship.

I would liked to have seen more 1st party games but if their intention is to save those for their next platform and make the 360 a 3rd party driven model (much like sony did with the ps1) then I can be patient. There looks to be plenty of games coming for all 3 to satisfy any type of gamer.

Ryo-Hazuki2355d ago

"I would liked to have seen more 1st party games but if their intention is to save those for their next platform and make the 360 a 3rd party driven model (much like sony did with the ps1) then I can be patient."

So I guess they have been saving them since like 2008. Its the same thing with MS. Gears and Halo and repeat that over and over and over

EVILDEAD3602354d ago

Since they spammed the profile above me and erased what I originally wrote I won't repeat it.

But I do agree with the sites assessment of the conference and believe you could easily argue Micrsoft may have had the best overall show.


DC19802355d ago

Happy that WatchESPN is coming

the worst2355d ago

what conference did they watch
..Exclusives C
..Kinect F
..3rd Party Games C
..Media D
..Surprises F
my Overall Grade Average D

the truth

TGF_Zero2355d ago

Do you mind elaborating their buddy, you really sound like a PlayStation or Nintendo Fanboy there.

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MASTER_RAIDEN2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Im not trying to sound like a fanboy here, but i have no idea how anyone could think that microsofts conference was anything more than a C.

Smartglass is a very nifty idea. Everything else was incredibly underwhelming. Halo was GREAT, but if you think about it, MS has been pulling out the same trick every e3 for like FIVE years now!! HALO.GEARS.FORZA. even if theyre all great games, HOW IS ANYONE STILL IMPRESSED BY THIS LINEUP? at this point kinect integration is just a lost cause. voice commands? that can easily be done with the regular xbox headset (remember tom clancys HAWKS?)
Kinect itself needs more games that are exclusive to it. not just shitty integration which can easily be done with less capable tools.

Clearly MS was EXTREMELY lite on content this e3 but had an ace method to dress things up. how about that usher performance guys? HOW IMPRESSIVE WAS THAT?! :) Lets also not forget about the 11 min cod black ops end trailer, which made for one of the most pathetic exits ive seen in a while. "OH and im proud to announce that the xbox 360 version will have exclusive timed DLC!" *No one claps*

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