Sony delivers the best E3 2012 presentation (MSXB)

Msxbox-world is an Xbox specific website, but suggests out of the big three one of them seemed to get it right.

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Walker2147d ago

From a microsoft site ? really ?

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EVILDEAD3602146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

They arent a true Microsoft's just a name. But if that's what they believe then it doesnt matter what site it is.

DigitalAnalog2146d ago

Msxbox-world really loves talking about PS3 exclusives, why not just rename their site to PSXBOX-world instead? This way they don't have to be an "xbox" site that talk about PS3 games.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2146d ago

Out of the big 3 yea. Overall, it's between Sony and Ubi. But I'd still give it to Sony. Watchdogs was a big surprise but one game can't win a show. Especially, when it's going up against the likes of Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Quantic Dream.

hellvaguy2146d ago

msbox-world always bad mouths xbox. like the other posters have stated, they shud really change the website name to ps-world

ShaunCameron2146d ago

Nah. they're just resenting the direction M$ went with the 360 after 2009 while probably convincing themselves that console exclusives no longer matter.

kevnb2146d ago

they do to some of us, but numbers show you only need a few big ones.

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