Halo 4: Twelve Awesome Multiplayer Videos

There's enough Halo 4 mulitplayer footage here to keep you happy until November 6th.

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PtRoLLFacE2207d ago

nice to see some gameplay where the player doesn't actually suck at it

MoreConsole2207d ago

How very true! The commentary is pretty good too.

CoolBeansRus2206d ago

Yes, there was some nice action here. This is what makes Halo so great, it takes skill and strategy to win a game. Usually everyone has a mic and talks during a 4v4.

aviator1892207d ago

Definitely beats those IGN vids by a mile. It's really great to see the BR finally in action and these maps look terrific, especially Haven.

Dread2207d ago

Halo 4

cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

guitarse2207d ago

super super super excited about halo 4.

Give me the game NOW!

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The story is too old to be commented.