Criterion reassure gamers that Burnout isn't dead

"Criterion’s Matt Webster has confirmed that although the Burnout series has gone quiet, the studio still has plans for it in the future. Burnout isn’t dead."

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whitesoxfalife762351d ago

please hurry back to the burnout series

Spenok2351d ago

Couldn't agree more. This needs to happen. And soon.

MrBeatdown2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

I hope it's not dead, but it sure does seem like it. Hot Pursuit was pretty good, and Most Wanted looks great, but it's no replacement for Burnout. For me, Paradise was easily one of the most fun games to play online this generation. You could waste so much time just driving around like an idiot at the airport, crashing into other players.

I hope they're working on it as a side project or something. Hell, at this point I'd settle for an HD collection of Takedown and Revenge.

mt2351d ago

dude I have 800+ hrs on burnout paradise online and offline.

NBT912351d ago

It was perfect, the co op and competitive mixed, the way it sent mugshots of the players you takedown. It was just so easy to chill out and play, easily one of the best online experiences for consoles this generation.

And I am sure one day it will return, if SSX did then Burnout obviously will. I do not think it will be until next gen though. Burnout would make a very good launch title for next gen systems IMO

whitesoxfalife762351d ago

yea same here if not more still missing two ach's for it tho

ChickeyCantor2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

"Paradise was easily one of the most fun games to play online this generation"

But unfortunately one of the worst for local mp. Due to the fact there was non.

Take down and revenge were both so...soooo good.

Hicken2351d ago

I loved both of these games. I played them both so much I started visualizing takedowns while I was driving... had to stop playing for a while..

RockmanII72351d ago

First Megaman now Burnout, why do all my favorite franchises have to have the developers tell us that the series isn't dead?

ATi2351d ago

Most Wanted is the next Burnout game.

RowSand2351d ago

lool soo agree, it was EAs younger genaration staff who fucked up need for speed, it least the run have need for speed feeling

Psychonaughty2351d ago

Also please bring back the music from the first games, none of that contemporary American crap, thank you and good night, much love.

EazyC2349d ago

Are you quoting Terry Tibbs? :)

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