DigitalTrends: The Last of Us is the best movie you will play next year

In a behind closed door session at E3, Sony and Naughty Dog gave us a closer look at their incredible new game, The Last of Us.

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smashcrashbash2258d ago

I like that. The enemy charged and then turned tail and ran once they saw you reloading the gun. They seem to all be genuinely frightened and concerned when you have a gun pointed at them.Also the fact they try to swarm you during melee or sit back and wait for the guys with guns to arrive as back up.

cpayne932258d ago

Extremely intelligent A.I by the looks of things. This game is going to have a lot more variety than the uncharted games.

Sevir2258d ago

It'll be something of really amazing and frightening to take drake on a new adventure with AI routines like that of The Last of US! I Cant wait for the Last of Us!!!

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