E3 2012 | Criterion Shows Their Roots with Need For Speed Most Wanted

Criterion made it very clear: “we do not make other people’s games.”

This was evident from the very first second of footage shown for Need For Speed Most Wanted. The question is, how did it play?

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Patriots_Pride2114d ago

Very much a Forza Horizon rip off.

morkendo232114d ago

Criterion Shows Their Roots with Need For Speed Most Wanted

REALLY!!! what roots?? criterion mix Need for Speed with Burnout type engine that is NOT!!!!!! the roots of Need for Speed.
maybe the 3rd title they'll leave Burnout out of it.

Rainstorm812114d ago

I think they meant that its like burnout which is criterion's game......The game looked like burnout's gameplay with NFS licences and production value

HacSawJimThugin2114d ago

Playing Hot Pursuit now handling is easy if you kno how to drive. The handling in Burnout was beat too...I have full faith that the handling is not as bad as the writer say. Criterion are the kings of the genre IMO.

moodgamer2114d ago

If this game has car customization, then YES, criterion is back on the roots of NFS. If not, its Burnout Paradise, NFS way.